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Does updating to ios 5 delete pictures

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The introduction of i Cloud Drive (requires i OS 5 or later on i Phone 3GS or later) has made it easy to store your photos online and access them from any device.You can also manage them and move photos around in albums within the i Cloud Photo Library.

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The launch of i OS 8 brought many changes to the i Phone Photos app and the way your images are stored in albums.One of the really neat options in the Photos app is Places.This feature allows you to view photos based on the geographical location they were taken rather than when they were taken, which is the standard way.Also, moving a photo or video to an album does not create a copy of that media file.Feel free to create as many albums as you like; your storage space is safe.This update has followed through to i OS 9 and 10 and it was designed by Apple to make your photos more searchable.

Users were first shocked when the familiar ' Camera Roll' disappeared and their older photos were funneled into the Photos app's ' Collections' section.

Many of the i Phone Photo Album features received only minor changes from one i OS to another.

The navigation in your older phone's i OS may be slightly different, but in many instances, you will be able to find what you're looking for with these tips.

Since that 2014 remake, i Phone users have become accustomed to the new albums and many enjoy the automatic sorting of their favorite pictures.

With the big shake-up of i Phone's Photos app came many new default albums.

There are two ways to create a new album in the i Phone Photos app and both are very easy to do.