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He also demands pizzas (which are delivered to the scene) for the hostages and that his wife be brought to the bank.

Sonny goes outside again and discovers that Agent Sheldon has taken command of the scene.Moretti convinces Sonny to step outside the bank to see how aggressive the police forces are.Using head teller Sylvia "The Mouth" (Penelope Allen) as a shield, Sonny exits the bank and begins a dialogue with Moretti that culminates in his shouting "Attica! " (invoking the recent Attica Prison riot), and the civilian crowd starts cheering for Sonny.He attempts to prevent the cheques from being traced by burning the bank's register in a trash can, but this causes smoke to billow out the side of the building, alerting the business across the street to suspicious activities.Within minutes, the building is surrounded by the police.Leon turns down Sonny's offer to join him and Sal wherever they take the plane.

Sonny tells police listening to the phone call that Leon had nothing to do with the robbery attempt.

Per Sonny's earlier agreement, an additional hostage, Edna (Estelle Omens) is released, and the remaining hostages get into the limousine with Sonny and Sal.

Sonny sits in the front next to Murphy while Sal sits behind them.

After realizing they cannot make a simple getaway, Sonny demands that a helicopter be landed on the roof to fly him and Sal out of the country.

When they are informed that the asphalt roof of the bank will not support a helicopter, Sonny demands that a vehicle drive him and Sal to an airport so that they can board a jet.

After the phone call, the doctor asks Sonny to let Mulvaney leave, and Sonny agrees. She unsuccessfully tries persuading him to give himself up, and Agent Sheldon signals that a limousine will arrive in 10 minutes to take them to a waiting jet.