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*botanxyusuke* ^this is not a kieko-bash fic^Warning: Oot P SPOILER! *Their past is tainted with blood; his clan's, her village's. Sasu Karin Current Drabble: -Hide&Seek- The thing with those two, was that Sasuke always went off his way to go looking for her whenever she stormed off -Sasu Karin, now turned into a drabble series.

And of course, the greater the distance between predator and prey, the harder it is to land that crucial hit. This stranger just so happens to be Keiichi's cousin: Ryuu. Pero su cuerpo tiembla y la shinigami lo ha visto y ella no lograría comparársele aún si tratase por toda la eternidad. Matsumoto & Ichimaru have their final showdown & at the end Rangiku can't help but look back at the beginning..Hitsugaya save her from her past? Of course, Sasuke would be lying if he said that a part of him did not enjoy this limited space. Realising that he is still in love with her, another epic rain storm in Tree Hill gives Lucas an oppertunity to tell Brooke how he feels. I mean we spent practiclly every day together for almost eight months. Or did the stuff just little by little disappear over time?Molly Hooper is marrying a man she despises in order to save her family. Hermione Granger traded herself to Draco Malfoy in exchange for safe passage for core Order members. ; DMolly is feeling frustrated and when her friend mentions a sex club in London she finds she can't get thoughts of it out of her mind.King William, known to his closest friends as "Sherlock", is being forced to wed the daughter of a man he despises in order to protect his kingdom. Now he's pretending to love her, Narcissa is pretending to believe that, and Hermione is walking a tightrope behind enemy lines as she figures out what is going on. (no non-con)When an assassination attempt outs Loki as Odin's usurper, the Allfather decides not to waste his time harboring a wanted fugitive and simply banishes his rebellious Jotun son from Asgard. When she finally plucks up the courage to go she meets a guy who seems to meet all her needs. Sherlock Holmes is a world-famous crooner, his deep voice charming millions.But hopefully I'll find some time to go through them and fix at least a few of them soon-ish. Some of my favorite Anime/Manga pairings: In no particular order, because I'm having a hard time deciding which ones I like the most between a few of them: Yusuke Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho), Lelouch Shirley (Code Geass), Ikki Ringo (Air Gear), Sasu Karin (Naruto), Shinji Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Keiichi Mion (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni/Kai/Rei/Etc), Hei Yin (Darker than Black), Yoh Anna/Ren Anna/Hao Anna (Shaman King), and Mello Near (Death Note).Special mentions to Ciel Lizzie (Kuroshitsuji), who will soon reach my Top 10 of all time if they keep this up - and to Ichi Ruki (Bleach), who were there before but dropped thanks to my utter disinterest in Bleach as of the moment.Gin Ran Matsu Hitsu He confessed to her when they first met. When Ryuu joins the club however, dark secrets of his past are revealed and a dark government conspiracy unfolds Mx KZero plays the role Kaname had cast for him as the immediate threat to their beloved Yuuki comes to a close. Sasuke Uchiha reflects on his past, and his future. BL mentions LP BCLucas is confused as he watches her, the cluelessness of his own girlfriend amazing him.

Heart in hands, the three come to terms of what tomorrow will bring. And sadly, so was she...:: As opposed to the seven virtues, God created the seven sins, because we like them oh so much better. His mistakes and his failures and how those failures have allowed him to grow as a person. Months of therapy had prepared Shinji Ikari for a new life. Brooke was never this oblivious, she never had a right to be, and he can’t help but wish things right now weren’t as they are.

Oneshot A young girl underneath the bright lights thinks about herself and her friends. Go through Harry's fifth year again, and watch as he slowly becomes more and more taken with who else, but Luna Lovegood.2 years after Keiko's sudden death, Botan is granted to live a normal life on Ningenkai.

With no where else to stay, Botan asks Yusuke to take her in until she starts a new life.

Kaname x Yuuki, slight Zero x Yuuki Kaname knew very well to control his sinful desires.then again.. Sasuke centric song fic, Sasu Karin, Naru Saku, Coldplay Viva la Vida Kikyou is alive. Hiatus until rewriting is complete.)What do you do, when you have no one to talk to? Toph and Zuko connect through a game of lies that reveals everything. He finally felt prepared to face the girl he couldn't forget. Finalmente aquí está el ultimo capitulo de esta historia, al fin dirán, y sí al fin! BL Oneshot For one week, Nabiki was engaged to Ranma. Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley were meant to be together. It started with a crush, then suddenly fell into love.

After 50 years of slumber, both Inuyasha and she have awaken, only to find the sacred jewel stolen and broken by demons. - mild Toko, oneshot, post 3x12, fluff, mild angst Edward, exhausted from three years of traveling with Alphonse in search of the stone, stays in a small town to rest for a day and has an unexpected meeting with an old memory: Rose Thomas. She can make any man fall in love with her in one month time, right? And what happens when he finds out about the bet... They finally retrieved Sasuke but Naruto's dreams of becoming Hokage would have to be put on hold. Como ya saben Hao y Anna se casaron, porque yoh estaba muy enfermo y la rubia se ofrecio como pieza de intercambio. He knows he should be home with his wife, with their child, but he was suddenly, painfully aware of the deep plunge of her dress, the sweet aroma of her perfume, the gleam of her glossed lips. Through the backfiring of a revenge plot by Ranma, their engagement was broken off and he and Akane got back together. What if Ranma's plan of revenge actually succeeded? DA Mission #1: Harry and the DA decide it's time to be a little more proactive in the war on the Dark Lord. Too bad Harry Potter fell in love with Luna Lovegood. He got dumped by the girl he thought he loved, he was in detention, and now he's stuck in a closet with the person he wants to be with least! But I never realized the feelings I had for him, would somehow become my downfall. Luna Lovegood has betrayed his trust, and he no longer knows who, or what, to believe. It was a perfect day, concluded Riza Hawkeye, to be outside.

Ending of anime never happened, movie never happened, Edward/Rose. There were far greater things in store the young jinchuuriki: he may have no choice but to believe in destiny. Naru Saku Inuyasha X Harry Potter Being in secretly love with your best friend is a heck of a lot more stressful than you can possibly imagine. He can only respond with a shy smile, a powerless indication of the hold she still has over him, after their two failed attempts at a relationship that had produced nothing but a desire for someone else and an aching for what was mistaken as love. Chief Counter Intelligence Officer Lovegood initiates her first mission: Operation Death is Your Friend.[Ichi Ruki] A rainy Christmas, a very wet Rukia and Ichigo, impending hypothermia, and body heat. The companion fic to Picture Perfect, though it can be read as a standalone. In Kaikatsu Park Yusuke and Botan sit on the swings, enjoying each others' presence. On Harry and Ginny's wedding day, he and Luna share one last intimate moment. But this person might be able to make things better in the strangest way.. With his friendship with Luna crumbling, he makes a discovery that makes him realize what he's done..possibly, what he's lost... Which was why it came as such a complete and total surprise when the first bullet tore through her side.