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Dude cam chat

"I have two guys that tell me they love me throughout the day.These are the people I can always count on and can talk to about anything," said "Lauraleigh," the assumed name of a full-time "Internet girlfriend," who works on a site called My Girl Fund. One might say [it's dishonest] to go along with it.

But in many instances it has led to months or years-long relationships that seem to have a degree of genuine emotional investment.Welcome back to another instalment of Meet the Memelords – today we’re chatting with the dude behind ‘It’s James’.‘It’s James’ is a Facebook page run out of Sydney that has gained nearly half a million fans over the past year alone.There’s no theme as such, pretty much anything and everything is up for grabs providing it’s funny and sharable. The admin of “it was just a meme bro” lives really close to me.We reached out to James to learn about how this massive community got started and how the hell he manages to keep up with it all. I actually started it because I saw a bunch of underground, small-scale pages starting to pop up everywhere and it was all really new. So when you’re small it’s insanely hard to get exposure – you have to post really new things. These days, partially because I have a larger audience now, I steal a bunch of stuff – maybe 60-70% of the time.My Girl Fund is host to roughly 8,200 women from all sorts of backgrounds and sees 15,000 new male members signing up each month to chat and spend money.

Members buy credits worth $1 apiece, and spend it on whatever they're looking for within the site's rules, which mainly prohibit exchanging personal info and meeting in person.

"Lauraleigh" has been on My Girl Fund for three years.

Prior to joining the site, she was in the Army for two years and worked as a security guard for three years after that.

While there is a "sex cam" aspect to it, the more interesting phenom here is the platonic relationships that men and women form on the site.

Money changes hands on the site for any of a number of reasons, even for something as innocent as a guy helping a woman pay her rent that month.

Some guys want to feel important to these girls ...