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I joined Dating in May for 1 month at £29.95 and my account details stated that only one month's subscription would be taken.I cancelled on 18th June as I was away on holiday and was not happy with the workings of the site.

At The Executive Club of St James’s we have been learning about relationships and connecting people for 30 years.I wanted to sign up for three months but they took 6 months.I didn't know that until I got my bank statement in. Read Full Review I was approached by a t least 10 men that ended up being scammers in the sense that they were not who they portrayed themselves to be and were looking for financial gain.We believe in old world romance, in the power of love and relationships to move and inspire you, to elevate you and make you greater.But we also take practical matters of love seriously, like considering one’s character, lifestyle, financial stability and values.I e mailed them to cancel my subscription and refund my £29.99.

I also sent off in the post their print out form to cancel in the 14 day cool off period. They say they haven`t received my posted form and I`m too…

If you do this they keep trying to take it again and again and again. Read Full Review Like the rest of the reviewers here, I joined Dating Agency UK because the site advertises as being a free site, it is not free.

I was very dissatisfied with the winks and "likes" but no messages and many profiles not actually active any more.

These are explained on the site and you can still check out the sender before you subscribe.

They are also sometimes queued to be sent at any time and may have arrived at the time you state so they will be there for the following morning.

(4) They all were entrepreneurs with business overseas and very well…