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AMTOR Amateur Teleprinting Over Radio (Ham SITOR) AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System AN Army/Navy (prefix on US military type designators) AN/FRT Army/Navy Fixed Radio Transmitting AN/GRC Army/Navy General Radio Communication AN/MRC Army/Navy Mobile Radio Communication ANARC Assn.La card scadr in automatico dopo 1 anno, in tal caso per se si vuole rinnovare baster chiamare lo .352 ed ordinare una nuova card.You can view profiles by clicking the View Profile button or going to Please go to for help with settings and assistance with loading banners,headers, backgrounds, and profiles.Radio Acronyms 3900 (Always under construction) By Hugh Stegman NV6H At end of file: Police/CB 10-codes Other police codes Computer networking standards [~] = not an acronym, just looks like one Radiospeak, techspeak, milspeak, NASAspeak, and compuspeak all developed for spoken, sent, or stored brevity.As Larry Van Horn is always noting, acronyms and abbreviations don't always save all that much space in written text.IT SE CI SONO NEWS, IL SITO VIENE AGGIORNATO IN TEMPO REALE!

L'evasione del vostro ordine avverr nel pieno rispetto della privacy e senza l'invio di materiale per adulti.

Pierre contolo Italian Consulate, Toulouse, France CONUS continental United States conwett Italian Consulate, Wettingen, Switzerland COR (1)Carrier operated relay COR (2)Consolidated Operations Room ("Lights Out") COR Correction to a previously disseminated weather report CORES Commission Registration System (FCC) COSCOM Corps support command COSPAS Acronym for Russian SARSAT COT Changeover time COTHEN Customs Over The Horizon Enforcement Network (US) COTS Commercial Off-The-Shelf COWS Cells On Wheels (post-disaster cellphone service) CP (1)Command Post CP (2)CW general call: "Hello -- [2 or more callsigns follow]" CP/M Early Z80 operating system, might or might not have stood for "Control Program for Microcomputers," or "Control Program/Monitor." The guy who would know is dead, having narrowly missed out on being richer than Bill Gates.

CPAS Cellular Priority Access Service CPCA Camp Parks Communications Annex (USAF) CPE Customer Premise Equipment (telco) CPFSK Continuous-Phase Frequency Shift Keying CPO Chief Petty Officer CPR Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation cps Cycle per second (one Hertz) CPS (2)Cellular Priority Services (US NCS) CPS (1)Characters Per Second CPT Captain (US Army) CPU Central Processing Unit (computer h/w) CPX Command Post Exercise (NATO) CQ General call: "Hello all stations" CQD "Hello All Stations, Distress," no longer used CQWW CQ World Wide (Amateur DX contest) CR Carriage Return CRC (1)Cyclic Redundancy Check (computer error test) CRC (2)CONUS Replacement Center CREN Corporation for Research and Educational Networking CRIS Communications Resource Information Sharing (US NCS) CRPLF French language: Francophonic Public Radio Community CRR Carrier CRRL Canadian Radio Relay League CRS Coastal Radio Station CRT Cathode-Ray Tube (usually a computer terminal) CRTC Combat Readiness Training Center CS (1)combat support CS (2)communication squadron CS (3)Chicken S-it CS (4)Chemical Shield (a tear gas) CSAR Combat Search And Rescue CSB Corps support battalion CSC Combat stress control CSEL Combat Survivor Evader Locator (pilot survival radio) CSG Corps support group csh C-shell, popular Unix command interpreter CSH Combat support hospital CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/ Collision Detection CSS (1)Combat service support CSS (2)Central Security Service (US SIGINT, run by NSA director) CSS (3)Cascading Style Sheets CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System CST (1)Central (US) Standard Time CST (2)Caribbean Support Tender CT ("Charlie Tango") - Communications Technician (on an aircraft) CTA Control Area CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency CTCSS Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System ("PL") CTI Computer - Telephone Integration CTIA Cellular Telecommunications Industry Assn CTLZ Control Zone Ctrl (1)Control Ctrl (2)Computer's control key, sometimes shown with a ^ CTS Clear To Send (Serial I/O handshaking line) CU CW brevity code: "See you" CUAGN CW brevity code: "See you again" CUCV commercial utility cargo vehicle CUL CW brevity code: "See you later" CV USN Aircraft Carrier CVN US nuclear aircraft carrier CW (1)Continuous Wave (usually Morse code) CW (2)Clockwise (rotation) CWIS Campus-Wide Information System CWISP Campus-Wide Information System Protocol CWP Central West Pacific (MWARA) CZ (Panama) Canal Zone D Down D/L (1)Downlink D/L (2)Download DA (1)Directional antenna DA (2)Department of the Army DA-2 Station changes directional pattern at night (FCC) DAC (1)Digital-to-Analog Converter DAC (2)Disaster Assistance Center (FEMA) dah Morse code dash [~] DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access DAMSON Doppler And Multipath Sounding Network DARN (1)Dual Auroral Radar Network DARN (2)Disaster Amateur Radio Network, So Cal 440 MHz system DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DAS Data Aquisition System DASR Digital Airport Surveillance Radar DAT Digital audio tape DB Dead body d B Decibel (1/10 Bel, a logarithmic voltage or power ratio) d BA Sound level (corrected to "A" scale d B) d Bc Decibels referenced to full-rated peak envelope power d Bd Decibel gain over dipole antenna d Bi Decibel gain over (theoretical) isotropic antenna d Bm Decibels over 1 m W into 50 ohms, usually rf, 0 d Bm = 0.316 Vp DBM (1)Doubly balanced mixer DBM (2)Data Block Message DBMS Data Base Management System DBPSK Differential Binary Phase-Shift Keying DBS Direct broadcasting satellite DC Direct Current DC1 Device Control 1 (ASCII flow control) DC2 Device Control 2 (ASCII) DC3 Device Control 3 (ASCII flow control) DC4 Device Control 4 (ASCII) DCD Data Carrier Detect (packet modems) DCE Data Communication Equipment (like a modem) DCG Deputy commanding general DCOM Distributed Component Object Module (Windoze) DCP Data Collection Platform DCPA Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, now FEMA DCR Direct Conversion Receiver ("Homodyne") DCS (1)Defense Communications System DCS (2)Disaster Communications System, amateur, from RACES DCS (3)Digital Coded Squelch DCT Direct Cosine Transform DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network DD Dual Diversity DDD Maritime preamble for relayed distress message DDN Defense Data Network DDO Dynamic Drive Overlay (used by Disk Manager on the PC) DDR Dual Diversity Receiver DDT Dynamic Debugging Tool, named for old pesticide DE Morse code prosign meaning "from" DE-QPSK Differentially Encoded Quaternary Phase Shift Keying DEA Drug Enforcement Administration (US) DEC Digital Equipment Corporation, made some nice computers DECCA Low-frequency CW phase comparison navigation DECM Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures DECnet DEC's name for networking protocols and products DECT Digital European Cordless Telecommunications DEFCON DEFense CONdition, 1-5; 5 is peace, 1 is global thermonuclear war (STRATCOM) DEMIZ DEW East Military Identification Zone DEPCON Departure Control DES Data Encryption Standard DES-FED Stronger (108 bit) DES used by US government Det Detector DEW Distant Early Warning (radar in Canada) DF (1) Direction finding DF (2) Direction finder ("duffer") DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service DFO Disaster Field Office DGM Digital group multiplexer DGPS-MSK Differential GPS, Minimum Shift Keying DGPS-QPSK DGPS-QPSK : Differential GPS, Quarternary Phase Shift Differential GPS, Quarternary Phase Shift Keying DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHTML Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (web) DIA Defense Intelligence Agency DIG Domain Internet Groper DIGI ~ Digipeater, simplex digital repeater DII Defense Information Infrastructure DIMM Double In-line Memory Module DIMMS Double In-line Modular Memory System DIN German standards agency DIP Dual In-line Package (chips or small switches) Diplo Diplomatic traffic, usually encrypted DIS Defense Investigative Service DISA Defense Information Systems Agency DISAC Defense Information Systems Agency Circular DISC Packet control frame: Disconnect DISCO Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office DISCOM Division support command DISN Defense Information Systems Network dit Morse code dot [~] DIW Dead in the water DL (1)Download DL (2)Data Link DL (3)Driver's License (police) DLA Defense Logistics Agency DLE Data Link Escape (ASCII) DLL Dynamically Linked Library (computer programs) DLRP Data Link Reference Point, a USN authenticator DM Packet control frame: Disconnect Mode (busy) DM Delay Modulation (Miller Coding) DMA (1)Direct Memory Access DMA (2)Defense Mapping Agency DMAHTC DMA Hydrographic Topographic Center DMC Defence Management Committee (Canada) DME Distance Measuring Equipment (at airports) DMI Depot Maintenance Interservicing DMSP Distributed Mail System Protocol DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program DMT Discrete Multi-Tone DMUX Demultiplexer DMZ Demilitarized Zone (Korea) DN (1)Dutch (Royal) Navy DN (2)Directory Number (telco) DND Department of National Defence (Canada) DNS Domain Naming System/Server (Internet) DO design objective DOA Dead On Arrival DOB Date Of Birth (police) DOC (1)Department of Commerce (US) DOC (2)Department Of Communication (Canadian "FCC") Do D Department of Defense (US) DOD Department of Defense Do DD Department of Defense Directive DODISS Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards Do DSI Department of Defense Security Institute DOE Department Of Energy (US) DOI Department Of the Interior (US) DOJ Department Of Justice (US) DOMS Director Of Military Support (MARS) DOS (1)Department of State (US) DOS (2)Disk Operating System (generic) DOS (3)MS-DOS (proprietary PC op-sys) DOS (4)PC-DOS, IBM version of above, obsolete?

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DOS (5)Denial of Service (attack) DOT Department of Transportation (US) DOW Doppler On Wheels (storm chasing radar equipment) DPG Defense Planning Guidance DPSK Differential Phase-Shift Keying dpx Duplex DQPSK Differential Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying DR low drifting DRAC Dynamic Relay Authorisation Control DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory DRE Drug Recognition Expert DRFMU Digital Radio Frequency Memory Unit DRSN Defense RED Switch Network DS Direct support DS Dust storm DSA Division support area DSB Double sideband DSC Digital Selective Calling (GMDSS) DSL Digital Subscriber Line DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer DSM Digital Switching Module DSN Defense Switched Network (old AUTOVON) DSNT distant DSOR Depot Source of Repair DSP Digital signal processing DSR Data Set Ready (Serial I/O primary handshaking line) DSS Digital Satellite System Dst Disturbance Storm Time, equatorial magnetospheric activity index DSTO Defence Science & Technology Organisation (Australia) DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data DSW Russian CW brevity code: "Daswedanya" (Goodbye) DT (1)District T (USCG) DTAC Division tactical command post DTE Data Terminal Equipment (computers, workstations, dumb terminals) DTG Date time group (typically ddhhmm mon yy tz) DTM Data Text Message DTMF Dual Tone Multi Frequency (like telco "touch tone") DTMF-RA Dual Tone Multi-Frequency - Remote Access DTO Division tactical operations center DTR Data Terminal Ready (Serial I/O primary handshaking line) DTS Data Terminal Set DU widespread dust DUP-ARQ Hungarian diplomatic teleprinting system DUPE CW prosign: message or contact is a duplicate DUT1 UTC correction interval to get UT1 DV Distinguished Visitor DVA Department of Veterans Administration DVD Digital Versatile Disk DVFR Defense Visual Flight Rules DVI Digital Video Interface DVM Digital Voltmeter DVMT Dynamic Video Memory Technology DVP (1)Distinguished Visitor Protocol (US Air Force DVP (2)Digital Voice Protection (Motorola DES mode) DW Deutsche Welle DX (1)Distant Transmitter.