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The land trade program will be conducted pursuant to the provisions of the RCHCA/BLM Assembled Land Exchange Agreement included in Appendix A.This HCP establishes new agreements and coordinates existing arrangements among the agencies responsible for management of public lands in the proposed core reserves.

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The implementation budget for this HCP is presented in Chapter 5. The RCHCA will maintain responsibility for monitoring compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit and agreement.To meet the requirements specified in the California and federal ESA's for the incidental and management take authorizations it seeks, the RCHCA has prepared this HCP which identifies how the impacts of SKR incidental take will be minimized, mitigated, and monitored, and the degree to which the species' persistence in the plan area will be ensured.The establishment, completion, expansion, and management of the core reserves defined in Chapter 5.Additionally, with the assistance of the RMCC, the RCHCA will evaluate the effectiveness of HCP conservation and mitigation measures, and submit annual reports concerning same to USFWS and CDFG.Annual reports will be reviewed by USFWS and CDFG to assess the effectiveness of the HCP in ensuring SKR persistence in the plan area.The HCP area covers 533,954 acres within RCHCA member jurisdictions, including approximately 30,000 acres of occupied SKR habitat (Table S-1).

Salient terms and conditions proposed for this HCP by the RCHCA include the following: Subject to the above terms and conditions, incidental take of SKR will be permitted anywhere in the HCP area.

In order to complete the reserves designated herein, the RCHCA will acquire or otherwise assure the conservation of private properties remaining in the reserves.

The core reserves will be expanded through a program involving trade of federal lands managed by BLM.

Lands within the Lake Skinner-Domenigoni Valley core reserve will be managed and administered pursuant to the terms of the Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species HCP prepared by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) and RCHCA, and approved by USFWS and CDFG.

Lands within the Lake Mathews core reserve will be managed pursuant to the Lake Mathews Multi-Species HCP prepared by MWD and RCHCA and approved by USFWS and CDFG in December 1995.

To date, the RCHCA has expended more than $24 million to acquire land for the SKR core reserves.