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The Crown Prosecution Service require a 'high threshold' to intervene when it comes to trolls.They will usually only intervene in cases where specific people are being harassed or threatened.

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They said: 'He had come into the room on his regular screenname that he uses.'When he actually comes in the room he is always on the microphone and he talks.'But this time he didn't talk and he was just sitting there.'Pal Talk is routinely used by internationally recognized and designated terrorist groups for communication and recruitment,' said Evan Kohlmann, a consultant for Flashpoint told CNN in 2012.Terrorist group leaders have been known to hold open question and answer sessions on Paltalk which are advertised in advance on Al-Qaida web forums, he said.A lonely plasterer was egged on to hang himself by internet ghouls in a chatroom where members insult each other, users have claimed.Gregory Tomkins live-streamed his death on Christmas Day using US video chat service Paltalk.'I called my local police station but I'm based 100 miles out of London so they had to hang up the phone to call the Met Police.

All this time Gregory was struggling and dying in front of us.' Mail Online has made repeated attempts to contact Paltalk, a US tech firm based in New York.

Online contacts described Gregory, a regular to the site, as a 'lovely soul', but said the internet chatroom where you got to get insulted was 'not the place for him'.

He is thought to have joined the chatroom in the early hours of Christmas Day but instead of speaking, as he usually did, he was silent.

It is now owned by AVM Software whose CEO is internet mogul Clifford Lerner, a 39-year-old multimillionaire who bought Paltalk in 2016.

The Ivy League Cornell University graduate made his millionaires after abandoning a lucrative Wall Street career to invest in internet start-ups instead.

Its parent company AVM Systems has also been unavailable for comment.