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My mobile service number is: ---------- (int: ---------) I did not seek nor do I want an air G chat subscription.I have never had any conduct with or even heard of air G before this incident.

Bigpond tell me that they are not responsible for this. It came on my work mobile phone so I'm doubly pissed, I'll have some explaining to do. [update 1]My boss tried unsubscribing but it didn't come up as subscribed on his phone. yeah i just spoke to hellstra and they gave me this number for Gamers chat it is 1800235437 so i am currently on hold trying to get unsubscribed adn a refund to my phone. (hopefully) Will update soon Thanks guys at least I now know theres a problem and I'm not alone. So i suggest that anyone else ring the Toll fre number and STOP your subscription. Looking at the company bill I was charged for gamers chat once a day for seven days, from the 12th to 18th of August at around pm each time. The only time I've submitted my or my boss' numbers online is when signing up to download Mail for Exchange from Nokia.I just got an email from their support desk asking for my name , phone number nad Service provider.I gave them the service provider and number and told them as i didn't subscribe you do not need my name. I got my last bill and it came up as 'Divas Chat' Telstra refunded those fees right away. I can't get into the Games Chat but you can go to 'Lifestyle and Fashion' and find Divas chat and unsubscribe that way.Maybe this airg thing latched onto the company's phone account and when I unsubscribed my work phone it took care of all of our phones? Now that I check yes I've been paying sometimes twice a day on my last bill. The boss didn't have any charges on that bill, maybe it'll show up on this month's bill? Since some of you also have work mobiles I guess you've done the same?It's shows as "air G Gamers " and "air G Divas" on my bill. This is pure speculation right now, don't take it as fact! Considering I'm a bit of a tech head, "gamers chat" sounds self-incriminating right now.This is what I received from air G: Thank you for your email.

You may have received a text message in the past 48 hours delivered by Telstra Big Pond, which related to billing for ‘air G Chat’.

She also said that their system don't have the normally account details that these types of accounts normally have. I would think for you to get your money back you'll need to hit your provider up also. It sort of sounded like a dodge company stripping us of money. So i think i have the right to rant about getting ripped off. I just called Telstra and spoke to a nice consultant.

My thought we are being Hustled, a get rich scheme were they're grabing the dosh and running. Therefore phoning them confirm's they've got someone's account details and will hit hard and run. She had never heard of this Air G chat and she has placed note on mu account so on my next bill i can get a rebate.

She also advise to send a text message to 176 containing stop I have no idea what help that will be as it's not a telstra pocket news service, /forum-replies-archive.cfm/883733sounds like that operator doesn't know about it yet, it's still very new.

Just remember everyone you need to carefully and calmly explain the problem and that you want to disbute it. TELSTRA & BIGPOND(SCUM) ARE SUCH MUPPETS & FRUIT LOOPS!! I received this SMS as well and telstra basically said too bad, unsubscribe yourself. How would this company get a list of Telstra business mobiles to sign up to their premium SMS service? Just submitted my complaint to I just spoke to Telstra too.

It should be noted that unsolicited text messaging and unsolicited subscriptions to premium mobile services may be a violation of Australian law. Please ensure that my mobile number is permanently unsubscribed from this and any other of your services and that I am not charged for this service. If I have already been charged for this service I demand a refund of any charges in full. Please respond within five (5) working days confirming this email, the reversal of any charges and my removal from your service.