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During the 1960s, WSGS held the distinction of being the most powerful FM in the state.

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WSGS's strong signal can be heard throughout Eastern Kentucky and parts of Central Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Ohio.In fact it became such a part of so many lives that I wish you could bring it back as perhaps a close to your daily program as you prepare to go into your late evening program, maybe after the 6pm news or some other spot.I think it would be a good song to be remembered by the generations growing up today as well as my generation. " Sharon Caldwell, Hazard, KY y entire childhood was wrapped around WKIC.I only wish I still had that record, but that was over 50 years ago." Billie Reda Sowers Dayton, Ohio "Most days at noon time, did the station have the Eddy Arnold Show?I remember at around noontime you always would hear the famous Cattle Call.I had a small radio behind the counter and loved to listen to the musical programs, especially the requests that listeners would make to hear or dedicate a certain song to someone.

Also, a friend and I made a recording there in the basement of the bank. She sang 'A Tree In A Meadow' while I accompanied her on the piano.

I was interviewed by 'The Man on the Street', sang daily with 'The Singing Miner', and was entertained by the announcers who were masters at their work, and I remember 'The Shadow', 'The Lone Ranger', etc. Reception was great since the radio tower was only 300 feet away. My boy friend would call you and request 'Dance Ballerina.' It was my favorite." Betty Strong Hobbs, Fort Wayne, In "I remember the very first year your radio station began.

in the evenings while I was supposed to be getting my homework." Ida Lee Hansel, Spartanburg SC "My dad is from Hazard Kentucky does anyone remember him as the Country Drifter. I don't remember any of the programs during the day but I did listen to Kentucky basketball games at home, also about 300 feet away from the tower." Jack (Don) Gross, Huntsville, AL "Congratulations. Our family operated the Ralph Reda Grocery at 375 East Main Street.

The station was the first in Kentucky to broadcast a Country Music format on the FM dial.

In the 1960s, the "easy listening" format dominated most FM stations in the United States. I would love to see some of their pics on your site.

My other memories of Hazard include Roy Acuff playing and singing on the courthouse steps, and the wartime scrap drive when citizens brought in so much scrap metal it was piled all the way around the court house.