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We would really appreciate if you could show a decent manner while engaging in conversation on each theme so that the public BAND where you are participating could continue to prosper.

There are some members who request for deleting their chatting history.Please be noted that entering false information or using other’s personal information during sign-up shall lead to a restriction on a service use.If a technical access/sign-up using a certain program is spotted, such access shall be restricted to secure a service quality and safety as well as to protect the BAND members' personal information.We ask for your understanding and cooperation in complying with the policies so that everyone could pleasurably enjoy BAND since the service is subject to be restricted for those who do not follow the policies.The Operation Policy will continue to be supplemented in response to your valued feedbacks and when a change takes place in the service to serve you better with a more reasonable policy.Since the chatting messages are the information already arrived at the device, it cannot be deleted.

Please understand that such deletion request cannot be accepted since your chatting details cannot be accessed even by BAND for the protection of your privacy.

Leader or members who have not used the BAND service for a certain period of time after sign-up shall be faced with measures including restricting all or part of the authority granted to the member according to BAND service Operation Policy.

In addition, basic management of posts and information is the responsibility of the leader and writer, and BAND service does not guarantee any backups.

We recommend you to register the connecting account especially before changing your mobile phone number or device to continue using the service as it was before.

BAND will not be responsible for any disadvantages that you experience by failing to update the changes made.

If your invitation is reported by other user, your invitation activity as well as the use of BAND service could be restricted.