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With an ass resembling mountains of fine sand like in the desert.

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Talking about this, that’s why I knew that my 23 years old were good.Summer was coming, and I wanted to show my fitness body thanks for having practiced contemporary dance since my high school.And although I always wear low-cut clothing to highlight my breasts since they are of a right size for my height, which is 5.8ft.I just turned 23 years before summer came, and I knew that this year would be something special since my whole life the number 3 has with me and is my favorite number.When I was three years old, I discovered the differences between a boy and a girl.I decided to buy the plane ticket with time, I went to the Mediterranean.

The location was a beach in Valencia, Spain, and it was good because the offer I found decided the site.

I don´t remember if it was because one of his friends fell out or if it was because his shorts were not his size, the point is that I discovered the form of the best friend of all men, that friend who is between her legs.

At age 13, I gave my first proper kiss, and I don´t mean a kiss of only joining lip with a lip, I mean all the mechanics of kissing.

That drove me crazy, I was in paradise and my breasts needed to have a right color.

My nipples were erect, between the excitement I felt and the fresh air that blew at times. I could see where the look came from, it was a girl who was with her group of friends, and they were under the shade of a “Palapa,” while she sunbathed without a bra, showing her hot figure, lovely breasts her nipples seemed to look towards the sun, with thin, curved legs.

She smiled with slightly way when she realized how wet I was, my clit hardened, to feel her delicate fingers stroking my pussy.