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The blow job almost made me forget that we were in a darkened movie theater. This was a regular suburban theater with a Cameron Diaz movie on the screen.

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Hooking her thumbs into the panties, she pushed them down to her ankles. You do seem to enjoy snowballing just a little too much." Now I was getting pissed. Nothing covered her silky, white skin but a black bra and matching panties. Nikki reached behind her back to unzip her red dress. She burned with intensity as she let her arms fall to her side so her dress could fall in a heap around her ankles. But I never could work up the nerve to let go of my secret. My ultimate fantasy was to come out to a chick and then let her humiliate me. I got off work early on Friday and headed directly to Nikki's place. Nikki's lips formed a seal around my rod as she pulled her head back.

Careful to keep my jizz from spilling, she crawled up into my lap and positioned her pursed lips a few inches above mine. I nibbled on her ear lobe while trying to push my hand up her skirt.

Nikki took a long time to let the load drain from her lip to my tongue. Nikki grabbed my hand before I could get anywhere close to her honey pot.

When her mouth was empty, Nikki smiled and let out a soft giggle. Nikki pushed herself off of me and plopped down into the seat next to me.

A string of cum began to slowly extend from her bottom lip.

A moment before the dick snot spilled onto my face, I opened wide and eagerly accepted it into my mouth. I put my hand on her thigh and slid it up her short, pink skirt.

Here's what I wanted to tell her but could never find the guts: I like to wear women's clothes. She rounded the corner into the bathroom and froze when she saw me. I wished like hell I could've melted into the floor.