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SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Written by Simon Beaufoy November 4th, 2007 SLUMDOG FILMS LIMITED 39 LONG ACRE LONDON WC2E 9LG 1 INT. The sound of a fist thumping on the bathroom door, furious shouting from the other side.

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A group of children are playing cricket on a tarmac cricket ground. INSPECTOR A little electricity will loosen his tongue. He wipes it away with a handkerchief, seems to be talking to himself. You've got ten million rupees ek dum guaranteed, yaar? The Inspector nods absently to Constable Srinivas who turns a handle. Loads a single bullet into the chamber, snaps the chamber shut. Suddenly, the door splinters as it is smashed through. He lifts his head, spits blood out of his mouth and says again, straight into the Inspector's face.

Salim, a nine-year old, polishes the ball on his almost non-existent shorts, comes in with surprising speed and bowls.

12 At the back of a pack of children, carrying a piece of wood crudely fashioned into a sword, Jamal is running for his life, pursued by an ancient but surprisingly nimble Security Guard from the airport who is screaming abuse and wielding a long stick. It is packed: with people, stalls, bicycles and cows.

Jamal and Salim- also with a wooden sword- break off, head down a separate lane. They dodge past people cooking in the doorways, sleeping, washing clothes or in the case of Vinod, a naked four year-old, pissing into the drain. They break out into the sunlight of the `main road' of the slum lined with shops.

11 Bright sunlight filtered through the ever-present Mumbai dust. Jamal and Salim stop to give him a taunting, hip-gyrating parody of the dance on the tv before scooting down another tunnel.

The seven-year old Jamal stares up at the ball, jinks around trying to get into position. 11 CONTINUED: 11 He pays no heed to the rest of the children who are scattering fast to the edges of the tarmac. Jamal is knocked to his feet by the down-draft of the plane. The irate Security Guard gets tangled up in a bicycle. Jamal skids to a halt, bumping into Salim who is already frozen.

PREM (CONT'D) And what does an Assistant Phone- basher do, exactly?