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Gridview1 rowupdating dropdownlist

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If it would have come from somewhere else like from database, I would have specified the Data Source in the same way I have done for the Drop Down List. Apart from this article, there are many articles on Grid View available here. Full Name: Sheo Narayan Member Level: Honorary Platinum Member Status: Administrator Member Since: 7/8/2008 PMCountry: India Regards, Sheo Narayan MVP, Author, Writer, Mentor & architecting applications since year 2001.Hope ths article would be useful for someone struggling with keeping the Drop Down List and maintaining the defualt Selected Value in the Grid View. Connect me on | | Hello, i believe i understand youre code correctly. Hello, i believe i understand youre code correctly. Hello, i tried youre code but i get error: Object Data Source 'Object Data Source1' could not find a non-generic method 'Update Transactie' that has parameters: Naam, Omschrijving1, ID_SR, @ID_SR, ID.

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Uso del alert() El uso del alert() de javascript es muy útil para informar al usuario de un suceso en la aplicación, pero este puede ser usado antes o después del postback o acción del usuario, lo que requiere distintas técnicas en cada caso.In this article, I have shown how to achieve this functionality.Apart from Drop Down List, I have also shown how to keep other forms control like asp: Check Box, asp: Text Box, asp: Radio Button List in the Grid View and preserving the selected value that is coming from the database.Es importante notar el uso del return delante el mensaje de confirm(), este tomara el respuesta y asignara true o false, permitiendo o no hace el postback del botón.In this article, I have described the ways of keeping Drop Down List in the Grid View and binding the data by preserving the default Selected Value.Binding Radio Button List in the Grid View, specify the Selected Value as the way we had sepcified in case of Drop Down List box.

As my Radion Button List box value is already known to me so I have hard coded it.

Para demostrar estos casos en el formulario de nombre Web Form1trataremos el uso de las alertas.

: Este es el primer ejemplo con un botón de, vemos como el evento onclick aquí no esta disponible, se ha reemplazado por su equivalente On Client Click.

Well, you can do that however in that case you will not be able to maintain the default value for that record that is coming from the database which I have specified using event fires when the Grid View Rows is actually being bounded and at the time of binding Grid View rows, the Drop Down List items is not bounded so there is no way you will be able to get its items and the Selected Value will complain that it couldn't find the item to select.

Whatever you were trying to do in the event will fire once the Grid View Row is bounded and by this time you will no way be able to specify the Selected Value of the Drop Down List in the server side.

Apart from Drop Down List, I have also shown how to keep Check Box, Radio Button List, Text Box in the Grid View and preserving the default data.