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Hbcu interracial dating

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If it wasn’t for the cops, we would be living in the Wild, Wild West.And let me get this straight: Cops have made mistakes, but as a black person, every time you…hey, listen, we still got to do better. Le Batard: I know I’m not black, but that’s not true that black people don’t get mad that other black people are killing black people. Barkley: We don’t have near the outrage we do when a white cop kills somebody.

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You know, Dan, I’m a gun guy, and he always warns me.Let’s don’t sit there and act like all our hands are clean.Le Batard: I know, but Charles, you can’t be profiling like that. Barkley: Dan, these guys are dealing with criminals everyday, and that’s easy for you to say. And like I said, I’m not saying they should racially profile guys. First of all, there’s racism on both sides, let’s get that straight.He says, ‘Do not put your ID where your gun is.’ He says, ‘What I think…’ He says, ‘Whether we think the cop is right or wrong…’ First of all, everything is happening in fast motion. He says, ‘What I think happened is that guy said, ’ And then the next thing he said is, ‘I have a gun,’ and he reaches. Le Batard: I know, but Charles, they’re more likely to panic around black people because there’s a fear…Barkley: Well, Dan, because in fairness, because some black people out there are crooks.You can’t sit there and act like all these—and first of all, I’m not saying in that situation—there’s a reason there’s some…and I’m not saying that’s right, either.

There is some reason why there’s racial stereotypes because some of these black people out there are committing crimes.

Only a black man understands the feeling of having smart remarks thrown at you, the feeling of having to tell your accomplishments during every opportunity so “they” won’t think you are uneducated.

The uncomfortable feeling an older white man can give you by speaking to you as if you don’t possess the skill or knowledge to be on his level.

It was also a shot at the famous individuals who just give back in order to look like they are doing a favor to the community for recognition.

What are your thoughts on Charles Barkley comments?

“I just gave Morehouse, Clark Atlanta and Alabama A&M in Huntsville a million dollars to help black kids go to college” says Barkley in which he receives much flack from the black community because he did not publicize his deed.