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But her attitude was a turn-off, and I never felt any real attraction to her.

I asked “May I help you pick the berries until Lisa comes back?I could not tell her that I had very exciting sex with a woman of my mother’s age who moved out of our house a year ago.I missed her so much that I recently visited her at her new home in another village and got continued education by her and one of her hot lady friends. When I came over, we enjoyed the pool, watched TV or did our home work together.Her skin was rather dark, may be one of her grandparents were black.Two features had always called my attention: She had a big bubble butt like some of the black women in the porno movies and unusually full, fleshy lips..” “If you have nothing better to do, that’s okay,” she said with her deep sergeant’s voice.

I took one of the baskets and started plucking the ripe raspberries from the bushes, standing right beside her.

When all baskets were full, she said in an unusually civilized tone “Great job, thank you, boy, you earned yourself a cold drink, come on.”We took the baskets, and she walked towards the house.

I followed, staring at that ass of hers, swinging like a pendulum with each step.

All pants look like very hot pants on her enormous butt, I thought.

When I walked up to her from behind, I noticed that they did not even cover the lower part of the cheeks. ”She turned around and barked “None of your business, boy!

You are so sad and I would like to make you feel better,” she looked at me very seriously, then smiled and allowed me to lick the tears off her face, to kiss her beautiful eye brows and to bury my head in her soft, curly hair which smelled of exotic perfume. She did not resist and only said, “It is not right, but I like it, I don’t want you to stop.” I pulled her body closer to mine, feeling the sensation of her huge nipples pushing against my chest, and she pressed her pelvis against my growing manhood.