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For the next few hours I thought about mum, what she had just said and maybe what she meant in her words, "take care of me" it could have meant anything, but it was the way she said it, accompanied with the whisper, the tone of her voice and the look on her face; it was a private word and not a general goodbye thing to say.

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That was just one of a number of "incidents" over that week where I got a good look at both women in various situations that innocently flashed cleavage and legs off By the time the summer had come around I'd seen much more of mum around the house in various states of undress, after the first few weeks of the new year it was clear how it was only when my sisters were out of the house and we were safely alone that mum would seem to be much more relaxed with her new found state of exposure, the sexual tension was immense and I was cumming for England 2 or 3 times a day.Chapter one -- The beginning Well where do I begin, I guess to lay some background down and put you in the picture, time and place.It was the summer of 1982 and the place was seaside resort in the north east of England known as Whitby.When mum suggested we go to Whitby for holidays I was already excited as summer time means ladies wear less cloths, and Whitby meant Aunty Carol, so Aunty Carol in less clothes was such an exciting image for me to hold and maybe I'd get to see mum in a bikini too and be with mum without dad being around, however mum had to cover for a lady at work and it was decided that she would take me and Gill up there, stay the weekend and pick us back up two weeks later.So there we were, Saturday night in Whitby, first night of the holiday, Carol and Jeff, mum, me and Gill out for a meal at a local seaside pub called the Jolly Sailors, that holiday feeling all over us and maybe this year I'd meet a girl and have a holiday romance.I couldn't help but question to myself why these things happened when they did or if it was just the fact that they had similar traits and personalities, they were close after all so why wouldn't they be similar and let's face it, it could be that my dirty mind was just be a little bit too imaginative.

However I kept coming back to the same thought, and that was that mum and her sister knew exactly what they were doing and maybe, just maybe they both enjoyed the sexual excitement of teasing me to such a high level or sexual tension Gill and I went back out after tea with the instruction to be home before dark and around 10pm we stumbled in with a giggle and a laugh, we'd been down to the park and went on the boating lake for most of the evening and had some really good fun together.

I was surprised when Carol appeared from the yard and was still here but she was ready for work and moments from leaving, I was bare chested and my tartan pj's did little to hide the semi hardness of my cock.

Uncle Jeff had gone off till Friday so we were alone for a few minutes, this excited and scared me at the same time "Help yourself to breakfast" Carol instructed "and I'll see you later around tea time", just before she spun away she smiled a big smile and looked down to my waist where I knew my cock was bulging "My, My" she giggled, "It looks like somebody's happy to see me!

I was a little disappointed that over the next hour or so there was no innuendo, no obvious signs of anything naughty in her mind and nothing at all spoken about what she had seen and commented on this morning, then it dawned on me; Gill was around.

Just like those times with mum when anything in the slightest way naughty happened it never happened when other people were around.

We arranged to meet up again tomorrow and off we headed back for tea.