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Incontenance dating

Despite popular beliefs, older people are not the only ones affected.Some incontinence facts include: Bladder and bowel control problems are not an inevitable part of ageing.

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It’s a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions, and one that’s non-optional to participate in.Together, these problems are often called continence problems.Although incontinence and continence problems have a considerable impact on a person’s quality of life, many people do not seek help.Visit your doctor to discuss treatment and management options.Incontinence and continence problems are symptoms of bladder or bowel dysfunction. Pelvic floor muscle weakness is a common cause of these symptoms.Although most media outlets will try to do mental gymnastics to explain why social security’s non-voluntary participation is not a Ponzi scheme, the facts remain.

As Zerohedge has noted frequently before, some of the largest of the many entitlement “scams” used to seduce voters and bring about communism through making socialism palatable in this country, are America’s public pension funds.

The mainstream media is almost coddling the public over the “red alert” created by the socialist policies in Illinois.

And California and New Jersey are most likely next thanks to the government awarding pensions they cannot pay for. Invest in gold or silver because Illinois will soon look like Venezuela and the dollar will be all but worthless.

You can lead a normal life without needing to plan your activities around the toilet.

Incontinence and continence problems affect people of all ages, gender, cultures and backgrounds.

The mismanagement of Illinois by government bureaucrats and politicians have plunged the state into a dire economic abyss.