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Interracial dating hate crimes

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“I have everything possible that I need and the only thing I need right now is for this hate to go away. ” Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley told the Cincinnati Enquirer that police are searching for the vandals.

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“He was called the n-word, and other unacceptable terms by his fellow students and residents of the town.Changes to this latest report include a revision of sexual orientation bias types, a revision of race and ethnicity categories, and the collection of rape data under the new UCR rape definition.For additional information on these changes, read About Hate Crime Statistics. Also, the hate crime data collection procedures will be modified to include an anti-Arab bias motivation.Hate Crime Statistics, 2013—the first UCR publication to contain data collected under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2009—has a few changes from previous reports.First, biases against gender (male or female) and gender identity (transgender and gender nonconformity) have been added to the list of bias categories.

And in response to the Shepard/Byrd Act, we modified our data collection so that reporting agencies can indicate whether crimes were committed by, or directed against, juveniles.

And words of encouragement poured in from across the country.

“I saw this on Facebook and will be donating,” one woman wrote, saying she had asked family members to donate any money for her Christmas present to the Judes’ campaign.

These hate crime incidents impacted a total of 7,242 victims—which are defined as individuals, businesses, institutions, or society as a whole.

The number of reported hate crimes last year is down slightly when compared to 2012 UCR figures—5,928 in 2013 versus the 2012 figure of 6,573 (a combination of the 5,796 incidents in Hate Crime Statistics, 2012 and the 777 additional incidents published in Hate Crime Addendum, 2012).

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