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Invalidating session in jsf

In addition to that, the YAML strategy provides grouping of environment-specific configurations, which can be selectively enabled when launching the application.allow externalized configuration of sockets and ports bound to a particular interface.

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When the application has fully started, the contents of the file are be logged to the logging output, with variables substituted according to the configuration properties.The task of the JDBC driver is communicating with the database while providing a constant API to application developers.An application must supply its own JDBC driver because of the wide range of available databases and the driver version.Usually, the application does not directly interact with the JDBC driver; instead, the underlying runtime manages creating a datasource, which provides an efficient way to share and manage a discrete connection or a pool of connections to a particular database using the driver.Using Arquillian, you have the capability of injecting unit tests into a running application.The background-validation-millis element specifies the amount of time, in milliseconds, that background validation will run.

Changing this value can be done only on disabled datasource, requires a server restart otherwise The blocking-timeout-millis element specifies the maximum time, in milliseconds, to block while waiting for a connection before throwing an exception.

package holds other classes that should not be considered either part of the front-end API of the fraction exposed to users, nor a part of the back-end components to configure the server.

Instead, the An important point of Wild Fly Swarm is the capability of the plugin to autodetect that a fraction is required.

When the development mode is enabled, certain built-in tools, which facilitate the development of CDI applications, are available.

Setting this attribute to true activates the development mode. The non-portable mode is suggested by the specification to overcome problems with legacy applications that do not use CDI SPI properly and may be rejected by more strict validation in CDI 1.1.

Every application built with Wild Fly Swarm has a many configurable options.