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You will find user-interface (UI) design fundamentals, responsive design techniques, and a full list of detailed guidelines.

Also see the porting content in Move from i OS to UWP. UWP Windows Apps Design shows you how to create an app that looks fantastic on all Windows 10 devices.Custom Automation Peers allow you to provide automation support for your own custom UI classes.The Coded UI Test Project in Visual Studio allows you to automatically test your whole application through the UI, or to test the UI in isolation.It’s then just a case of configuring your binding to choose whether the platform uses one-way binding to display values from a data source in your UI, or whether it also observes those values and updates your UI when they change with two-way binding.Data Binding You get programmatic access to built-in UI elements in UWP out-of-box with UI Automation.Touch interactions Custom user interactions - gestures, manipulations, and interactions XAML which provides a flexible layout system composed of layout panel classes such as Canvas, Grid, Relative Panel and Stack Panel for static and responsive layouts.

Properties are used to control the size and position of the elements.

You can run SQL queries directly with the SQLite library.

Data Access Any app data that you store using the roaming Application Data APIs (including Roaming Folder and Roaming Settings) will be automatically synced to the cloud and to the user’s other devices, too.

You can define methods to handle the events of a XAML control in a code-behind file attached to the XAML page. But you can hook those handlers to events either in XAML markup or in code.

Add controls and handle events Events and routed events overview No built-in bindings system exists on i OS.

Navigation Navigate between two pages You can use the speech recognition API to interact with your app in the foreground.