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Is chemistry com a good dating site

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What makes the service unbearably bad is their insistence on stretching that unpleasant, cryptic, and awkward experience out over months. The most obvious system design failure at you believe you know the geographical area being searched on your behalf -- but, you don't.Here are dating sites I could recommend -- only because they are somehow better than -- damning each with faint praise in its own peculiar way. offers no documented option for finding a match more than 250 miles away.

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I strongly suspect no one at Chemistry even knows it is true.Among those 30, about ten percent were still interesting enough to me that I wished to meet them.People who have thought clearly about what they want in a relationship likely will see a similar annihilation at each stage.Your profile choices include "Preferred distance (miles)?" Of course, if you can find the "My Account" page, and change your "Zip/Postal Code" to some other location, you can search within 250 miles of that other (entirely bogus) location.Over the past ten months, I've wasted dozens of hours and several hundred dollars discovering the many ways online dating site is broken.

With design so poor, algorithms so lame, matches so weak, and support so unhelpful, I'm astonished they remain in business.

Second, I agree that a funky website is a relatively trivial issue in the scheme of things. (And, there are many things worse than poorly designed websites.) But, few web services advertise nationally throughout the media, as has done.

Few have the potential to waste so many people's time and money.

Few touch their users with such potential unpleasantness, by intentionally creating hope in poorly implemented technology.

Chemistry seeks to be a major public venue, and claims to help fulfill fundamental human needs -- thus the service needs to live up to its hype.

You'll just have to remember what zip code you claimed to live in -- especially when you find yourself matched with a person who is already skeptical of your identity.