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Shildon is considered to be the "cradle of the railways".

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A 1-1 draw at Bedlington meant that they continue to wait for their first title since 1940.The sensitive nature of the ISFP means they are easily hurt, but can only really be hurt by those whom they have allowed in.Above all they are the only ones who are going to live together the whole life.Various mediaeval settlements stood around Thickley. The Shildon area owes its growth to the rise of the East Durham coalfields in the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th and early 19th century.The expansion of coal mining during the Industrial Revolution meant the traditional way of moving the coal along horse-drawn wagon ways was insufficient.Romans arrived in County Durham in the 1st century AD and built a line of forts along the Roman road leading north to Hadrian's Wall.

Traces of Roman roads have been found at several places in Shildon, such as Brusselton Wood.

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During a Relationship ISFPs seek long-lasting committed relationships.

Despite appearing light-hearted, they take their relationships very seriously.

The trenches located a previously unknown area of activity to the north-west of the 3rd century fort, dating to the 2nd century AD.