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John paul lavoisier dating

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Too Fab: Is it hard dating someone in the same industry or do you think it makes it easier? They understand everything you go through on a day to day basis. I have been walking around with my shirt off since.

There are bad actors on soaps and there are bad actors on primetime, but there are also some good actors on daytime.If that happened to me in real life I would probably be committed or something! He wasn’t a legal citizen so he couldn’t cash the check, so not only did I get my dog back, but he also couldn’t cash the check John-Paul: Apparently it was a scam going on in the neighborhood that service people were stealing dogs when the owners were away to collect ransom. Too Fab: How are you different from your characteres John-Paul: On the show we have a 15-year-old kid and I don’t have kids or ever want kids. I have never claimed to be perfect; I like myself, I’m sarcastic, witty, and my character was just more straight-laced.Farah: My weirdest storyline was when we time traveled, and went back into time to 1968 and got stuck there. Too Fab: What’s happened in each of your lives that would make a great soap opera? My character is hugely into sports so I'm constantly having to talk sports with my son on the show. Too Fab: What are the differences between being on a reality TV show and a soap opera? I was apologizing to her that I was walking around the hallway with my shirt off. John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath are two soap stars going the reality TV route in the new series "Dirty Soap."Too Fab sat down with the "One Life to Live" costars and real-life couple John-Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath to dish on their new careers and new life together, all while being filmed. John-Paul: We met in the hallway at "One Life to Live" and my shirt was off.John-Paul: Well, I think its kind of a big deal that Farah and I are moving across the country closing our New York life and moving to L. I have been an East Coaster my whole life; I love this town and its killing me to say goodbye to it, so there will be some drama with that plot. So you will see us going through that with Farah by my side and finding the perfect home to make us happy.

Walking away from New York and going to that unknown territory of L. Too Fab: Do you think your going to put a ring on it?

The character is said to be hell bent on becoming a member of the Winterthorne family and will go about any means necessary, including seducing Miranda, to get what he wants.“John-Paul has a great edgy quality that I wanted for the character of Hugh,” said Caruso in announcing Lavoisier’s casting late last week.

John-Paul is fantastic at creating subtle, smoldering layers with his acting that will build into something dangerous within the character.”“I’m so happy to be working with my old friend, the very talented John-Paul,” noted Sonia Blangiardo (“All My Children,” “As The World Turns,” “General Hospital,” “OLTL”), who will direct every episode of the series.

John-Paul: No never, the finale is that we break up [Farah laughs]"Dirty Soap" premieres debuts Sunday at 10pm on E!

spoilers tease that Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) will make a big decision about his future.

Farah: We got a quarter of that 40 years under out belt.