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Johnny depp dating rum diaries co star

johnny depp dating rum diaries co star-11

When he met Kelley in the late 90’s he gave up his heavy drinking and carousing, and they settled down and had 3 kids.

It’s impossible to imagine that, over the years, Heidi never heard ANY complaints about Weinstein.Don Johnson and his wife of almost 20 years, Kelley Phleger, are standing outside of a Beverly Hills salon making plans for the afternoon.Back in the 80’s, handsome Don was an impossible ladies man and very difficult to work with.For this gentle-voiced but steely English rose has rarely given interviews and never once expressed the least impatience that her husband’s name was so often linked with another woman’s. Now back in the Western Australian city of Perth, which has been her home for the past seven years, the 63-year-old blonde is amused by the shockwaves caused by her frank choice of words.“I’m sorry,” she says, sounding not in the least bit sorry. They were divorced twice, which seems to indicate there was a bit of a problem.(Above Christian in New York in camo pants) Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News Joe Jonas has made himself a laughingstock in Hollywood by setting up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for his ailing tour manager.

Apparently the tour manager, Dan Lipski, got into some kind of accident in Thailand (no details were provided) and he’s hospitalized there, running up big hospital bills.

A SHE KNEW poster of Heidi is a likely follow-up to the posters of Meryl Streep plastered all over Hollywood.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA We published this photo of Eva Longoria a few days after Thanksgiving, speculating about her big dress, which is quite out of character.

Eva had been denying pregnancy rumors for months (even in a bikini) – she laughingly claimed she binged on pancakes or cheese.

The real clue that she WAS, indeed, expecting, was that actress Eva was uncharacteristically devil-may-care about her apparent weight gain.

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