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Johnny rzeznik dating

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Under Celluloid they released their first eponymous album on a $750 budget (later the re-prints would be referred to as "First Release").

He paid for his own apartment using Social Security Survivor Benefit checks.Both of Rzeznik's parents were musicians, playing the clarinet and flute.Rzeznik had a strict Catholic upbringing in Buffalo's working-class East Side Polish neighborhood and attended Corpus Christi Grammar School.The youngest of his four older sisters moved towards punk music and Rzeznik became interested in bands such as the Ramones and The Clash.Rzeznik is well known for his distinctive and unusual guitar tunings.On April 18, 2015, he participated in the Toyota Celebrity/Pro Race where he finished 12th to actor and former two-time winner of the event Alfonso Ribeiro for which he donated $5,000 to charity.

Most of the music Rzeznik listened to while growing up was influenced by his sisters, and consisted of classic rock such as The Rolling Stones and The Kinks.

For the next few years the band toured, produced albums and held down regular jobs.

Following the album Gutterflower, John wrote "Always Know Where You Are" and "I'm Still Here" for the Disney film Treasure Planet, which were also released as a single independently from the band.

After having their equipment stolen from a van in New York City (which included Rzeznik's Marshall JCM 800 amplifier and his only guitar at the time), following the recording of their 1989 album, Jed, a custom, yellow Stratocaster-style guitar (later nicknamed "Boing") was made for Rzeznik by ESP.

Now without an amplifier, Rzeznik borrowed a near-identical Marshall JCM 800 from a mutual friend of the band, Charles Root.

This performance was captured on DVD and CD for the public in the Goo Goo Dolls release Live in Buffalo: July 4, 2004.