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She explained later that she had reported previous sexual assaults and the police basically blew me off. She may have also been reluctant to report the attack because she had been up for three straight days high on methamphetamines.When she first talked to police about the attack seven weeks after it occurred, the 5'-6" Kirstin described her assailant as a really big older black man who seemed like a giant compared to me.

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Numerous people saw Kirstin in Panaca from the early morning until late that night when she went to sleep.The absence of any indication her attacker bled is consistent with Kirstins July 20, 2001 police statement about the attack, during which she did not make a single mention of her attacker bleeding, or that any blood was on her or her clothes.Kirstin told family members and friends about the attack, and after she moved to Panaca in early July she told several other people.So about midnight on Sunday, Doug left Las Vegas for Panaca to pick-up Kirstin. Detective Thowsens response indicates his surprise at Kirstens response that the attack on her occurred weeks prior to Baileys death.Since Doug didnt know the Panaca area, he had to call Kirstin several times in the early morning hours of July 9th to get directions to her parents home. Yet neither Detectives Thowsen nor La Rochelle asked a single follow-up question to get additional details.One of the people she told in Panaca was Lincoln County adult education teacher Dixie Tienken.

Told by Kirstin that she had not reported the assault to the police, in mid-July Tienken took it upon herself to report it to a Lincoln County juvenile probation officer she knew, who then relayed the information to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) On July 2, 2001, about five weeks after the attack, Kirstin moved back to her parents home in Panaca, Nevada.

According to the coroners report, his injuries included: stab wounds on the back left side, left front, and front of his neck; scrapes and bruises on the left and right side of his face; a bloody nose; stab wound on his forehead; scrapes and gouges around both eyes; multiple fractures on both his upper and lower jaw; wounds on his left chest and left shoulder; four stab wounds in his lower rib cage area; a stab wound to his scrotum; multiple wounds to his lower left and right arm and hand; a fractured skull; and six of his teeth were knocked out. Multiple key facts related to the May 2001 assault against Kirstin are noticeably disparate from the facts related to Baileys brutal beating, stabbing, and ritualistic like sexual mutilation six weeks later in a different area of Las Vegas: So how was Kirstin tagged with his murder?

The sustained ferocity of the attack on Bailey suggests it was carried out by a man. of hand by superimposing the different facts related to the two unique events onto each other and then claiming they were the same event.

Yet multiple witnesses confirm that on the day of the mans death Kirstin was in Panaca, Nevada, 170 miles from Las Vegas.

Her presence in Panaca is consistent with crime scene evidence that positively excludes her from having anything to do with his death, and that there is no evidence she had ever met the man.

Kirstin returned to Panaca to get away from the drug lifestyle she had become immersed in while living in Las Vegas after graduating in 2000 from Lincoln County High School in Panaca.