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Kristin san francisco dating men

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The guys see their opportunity and remake themselves as bogus film producers looking for new digs.

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Lorelei is abducted by two scrappy outlaw-types and is raped and abused.She soon jumped in with both feet, and rocketed to stardom as one of the most sought after starlets on the scene.From the very beginning, Serena set herself apart from the field with her balls to the wall performances in the sack.All goes well until some inner turmoil amongst the abductors lead to some bloody results, and we find that the whole plan may not have been as it seemed from the start.In this introduction to the Blond Bombshell known as "Anal Annie", we see Annie trudging up long flights of stairs pulling her trunkload of adult toys delivering joy and excitement to the world.During her career she sexed her way through over 100 features that paired her up with the likes of Holmes, Gillis, Thomas, Edwards, Astyr & Jeremy to name but a few.

Serena was also a great lesbian scene stealer as she ate with the best of them.

Ben and Larry are responsible for the success of the operation.

Each Saleswoman has been hired after a tough interview covering oral expertise and natural attributes (two very convincing assets).

Family ties play an important part in Candi Girl, when Ben and Larry get into trouble operating their car business.

Candi, the seductive sister-in-law, is the first one to come to the rescue in a very provocative manner When a young girl inherits a mansion from a mysterious benefactor, she also inherits a $25,000 debt in back taxes.

Her first customers, lovely young beauties, are in the midst of a love session, but Annie shows them the delights of anal love.