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Ladies dating hotline

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Vision Statement Wo Man to Woman centers on relationships between women, whether it is mother to daughter, sister to sister, or friend to friend.Emphasis is also placed on wholesome interaction with the significant male counterparts in our lives.

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Since Wo Man to Woman’s inception, First Lady Serita Jakes’ vision for the program has been for the women of The Potter’s House to become one.Have you ever felt pressured by your partner to have sex?Have you ever felt guilted into it, or felt like you weren’t able to say no?Curriculum spans activities that prepare the Debutante for college; teach them how to survive the transition from college to the world of work; and examines the many decisions that surround the pursuit of graduate level education. L.) A widely celebrated program, GLL offers a challenging 3-month curriculum. Since its inception, GLL has grown from one chapter at The Potter’s House of Dallas, to several chapters nationwide and around globe; and has continued to expand through the GLL Online e Learning Course.Alumnae Debutantes are also trained as “big sisters” and peer mentors to the Core Debutantes. This program of enriched study and life application, encourages women to stretch beyond their borders and move into their purpose and the spiritual fulfillment of who they were created to be. To date, thousands of women have successfully completed GLL.Hauptaufgabe der Technischen Zentrale ist der Betrieb sämtlicher haustechnischer Anlagen der Universität.

Dies umfasst vor allem die Wartung, Instandhaltung und Instandsetzung dieser Anlagen.

With a doctrinally sound and programmatic approach to ministry, Wo Man to Woman seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her so that she may reach the point of her abundance.

Every woman who is a member of The Potter’s House is automatically a member of Wo Man to Woman.

It is her heart’s desire for the women to come together as a God-breathed organism of sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, and life-time legacy mentors who together will set an atmosphere of relational well-being.

It is a vision of unity where the prevailing countenance of feminine grace exudes a gentleness that is heralded as strength; where peace insists on reigning; a kind word is freely passed around; and love is expected to stretch to great lengths.

Weitere Dienstleistungen erbringen die Fachgebiete Arbeitssicherheit, Facility Management, Umweltschutz / Logistik sowie Bautechnik.