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From around six months, you may have noticed your baby favouring certain sounds, such as "ba" or "ma", as these were easier to pronounce. She may have repeated them over and over because she liked the way they sounded She will chatter to herself as she plays.

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My baby is 25month old, He is not talking just mumbling like a 3month old...These labels for things and people are a little too abstract for her just yet. You may catch her avoiding pronouns, saying "Baby throw" instead of "I throw". There's no need to worry if your toddler's speech doesn't sound clear yet. Every toddler learns different sounds at different stages. because I saw my niece started talking after her 3rd birthday and she is now topper in class -grade 1 and speaks a lot... About walk,, i heard my hubby couldnt managed to walk even in his 3Rd year.. Or it might happen due to calcium deficiency so talk to your pediatrition, it will solve the prob of walk also.

academic.[pdf file, accessed November 2012] Do not worry at all.. my 1st baby is one year 2months and he has just 2 tiny teeth so in lower case n 2 yet to come in Upper case. He fetches stuff by himself and will instruct you when to assist.

Your toddler will gradually understand how she can use words to describe what she sees, hears, feels and thinks.

Even before she uttered her first word, she was listening to and learning from everyone around her.

Enjoy listening to your toddler as she creates her own little world.

It doesn't matter if what she says doesn't make sense. Pronouns such as ' I','she', and 'it' may confuse your toddler.

' The questions just seemed to keep on coming" says 34-year-old Amelia.