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Live web cam no credit card or upgrade required

Publish Settings Second step in the process are the publish settings, which control embeds and advanced features.Advanced features include geographic and website restriction.

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The following window will pop-up so you can name your new live channel: By default, streams are HTML5 based for all devices.Player themes are also selected here, while autoplay can be turned on or off as well as viewer counter, Google Analytics tracking and publication on the Da Cast portal. Start Streaming You will now have to select your encoder.Encoder Setup This portion has three subsections:1. If you have never used an encoder before, you are likely better off selecting FLASH MEDIA LIVE ENCODER.Da Cast is an RTMP based service, and requires an RTMP encoder.There are two types of encoders: software based and hardware based.If you are using Wirecast, reference our Wirecast 7 guide here.

For this part of the process, you can either watch the video or read on for more details.

There are four things you need to begin broadcasting, which are: Lets address each of these in order, or click to jump ahead to setting up your encoder.

This will work as a quick guide to tell you everything you need to learn on how to stream live video.

If you are using a hardware encoder, you can bypass the capture card step. This takes that camera signal and presents it in a web friendly format that people can view.

This includes being able to control the quality that you stream at, represented as the bitrate.

The most important feature on this page is the following one: Please note that your live channel is turned OFF by default.