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Love in the wild couples still dating

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Season 2, Episode 5July 3, 2012The couples build an outrigger to navigate rough seas, travel through a swamp and encounter tarantulas.

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We get reintroduced to three of remaining couples: Derek & Jess (who we caught under the covers last week), Miles & Heather (she’s fondly stroking his hair in bed), and Ben & Brandee (lights out! Well, so much for the strategy of sticking with a single partner throughout the whole game!Season 2, Episode 3June 19, 2012The trios are chained together during a journey through the jungle and a bat cave.The winners go on a sailboat cruise, while the elimination ceremony sends six women home.Season 2, Episode 2June 12, 2012The couples jump off a 40-foot cliff into murky water during their first challenge as duos.After the eliminations, a surprise twist makes the singles reconsider their choices.Season 2, Episode 4June 26, 2012The duos barter coconuts to advance in a challenge that includes horseback riding and machete use.

The task brings some pairs closer, while others face fear and emotional distress.

The other guys tell Ben, who looks like he’s tied down a few, that he’s a (bleep).

Some breakups look imminent, especially with at least one contestant clearly more interested in staying in the game than finding the love of their life.

An enticing series in which coupling takes place randomly and the journey to search for love begins despite challenges and annoying partners. Naturally they're all young, good-looking and have nice bodies:) They bring them to an exotic location (Dominican Republic this year), have them pair up and put them through tests (such as finding some treasure or such) which include hiking, swimming and running around. The men are hot, the locations are beautiful and even host Jenny Mc Carthy (who I usually hate) is fun.

The best couple gets a chance to tour the world together. Each show has two people eliminated--but here's the catch. Yes they have the people back-stabbing each other and making rude comments about other contestants but that's normal for this type of show.

“And I’ll tell you why – we’re not throwing them in a mansion to look beautiful and fake for six weeks.” “They are dealing with, I’m telling you, hell,” she continues.