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Manually updating songs on ipod

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This took a bit of constructive hard drive switching and bootloader configuration as the boot information and drive partition tables turned out to be stored on the hardware RAID card itself making the drive information unaccessible without it.In the end, fed up with facing yet another several hour wait to have a hard drive removed, I bravely installed the new operating system while having the original drive plugged in as secondary master with the feared result that I whacked up the partition table for the last original drive in the process.

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And to top it off, the Windows laptop followed suit with a prompt blue screen of death, thus killing the last open shell to the server.), but finally immortalized a pile of my birthday sushi as a delicious wallpaper.I really need that as a desktop reminder that life still has a meaning after having accidentally wiped 1600 songs off the 20GB i Pod I was kindly given by friends and family.In the end, it took an incredible eight days to go come to the point where I could actually do a 30 minute fresh install of the system and have the server moved back to its regular slot.With this much downtime already behind me and no paying clients on the server, I took the time to upgrade all software, to rewrite the jailing scripts where needed and, more than anything else, to hack on a comeback to be reckoned with for my virtual powerlifting project (soon to be relaunched, tighten your socks! basically doing things that would have been needed to be done soon anyway.With a hardware card taking care of the mirroring, the two drives still transparently appeared as a single drive to the rescue disks.

Alas, the rescue disks proved not have the software libraries needed to mount the LVM volumes AND read the Reiser FS format. Plan B was to have the RAID array broken up by removing the hardware card to allow a fresh install of the operating system with the requisite tools on one drive to access the original data on the second drive.

Apologies for the downtime, stay tuned for the pay off.

The final bits and pieces have now been restored here at, shoot me an e-mail if something is not working like it used to.

Last year’s gingerbread train has been added to the collection.

Having just finished this year’s [as of yet secret] project and with Santa lurking around the corner, it was high time.

I may be a bit early, but Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!