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(She had politely declined.) But her smile was wide and maybe a little loopy from being up so late, and he stood in the middle of the street for a solid minute just marveling at her. Shutting off his alarm a minute before it sounded, Adrien took Plagg’s sleeping form into his hands.He tucked him safely into his shirt’s breast pocket (fixing the buttons he had skipped two hours ago) and then slipped out into the hall, closing the door behind him.

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This was really weird - his father wasn’t usually in his office this early, and - who could he possibly be talking to? His glasses were askew on his nose, his usually perfectly coiffed hair mussed. you just said - you said you were the one behind the attacks.A single white butterfly stirred in a jar, the lid only lightly placed over the top. Two, I see no Okay, so: Credit to Plagg, where it was due: Eating before transforming was a smart idea. He stumbled forward, his only concern being when he felt tiny but surprisingly strong arms keeping him up. Their eyes met and she flinched, adjusted her gaze to the ground. “I told you, your dad’s kwami doesn’t know I exist.” He made a face. Adrien sighed, and then walked out, making sure the door was securely closed. Chat Noir sat outside the back door again, waiting for the coast to clear.“I should be relieved that it took you this long to realize, actually,” Gabriel continued, unperturbed by his son’s shocked silence. Especially because Chat had skipped lunch to research early Akuma attacks on the school computers. ” Ladybug could handle an Akuma all on her own - he knew that perfectly well - and he always wondered if she had taken down someone while he was sleeping or at school. His blood ran cold, and he felt like his collar had grown tighter, the bell pressing hard against the hollow of his throat. She had to take a few steps back, stumbling at his weight but held steady. ” he asked kindly, and she stirred herself from her mortification to peek at him over her hands. “Yeah, but having you there with me makes me ten times more nervous. evidence on me.” Not like his father was going to do a bodycheck. His father didn’t suspect who he was, he thought, trying to reassure himself. There was a definite chance he screwed up at yesterday’s photoshoot - he really wouldn’t doubt it, with the fog in his mind looming over him the whole day. “Come in,” came Gabriel’s voice from inside, and Adrien straightened on instinct and walked stiffly inside. Nowhere near as exhausted as the previous morning, and his hair and clothes had returned to their usual immaculate state. I can see how much this whole thing you - but it would be simple to pass along any information you hear that might interest me, would it not? But he just wished his hands weren’t shaking when he walked out the door. It was dark enough that he was well and completely hidden, but he could sneak quick peaks as the door opened and closed.You probably think that talking to your parents about sex is impossible.It’s a fact that teens who talk with their parents about sex are less likely to become pregnant because they’re more likely to use contraception or protection when they become sexually active.“Close the door, boy,” Gabriel said, and Adrien stiffly obeyed. “You must be very lucky.” Marinette’s smile didn’t quite meet her eyes. ” “The Literature homework was pretty open ended,” she said, “so I was just... Why would he even Marinette to stay up thinking about him? Adrien spent the car ride in complete and utter dread, half wishing there would be some sort of accident on the way home. Then he dropped his school bag by his bed, and opened it to speak to Plagg. “The longer I wait the more likely he’ll figure it out, Plagg.

“I suppose,” he said, pushing his chair back and standing, “there’s nothing I can do about you learning this information.” Adrien’s eyes flickered to his desk. “You could say that.” Chat went to lean on the doorframe – some sort of easy, flirtatious pose that would mask his concerns – when he felt the world spin and give out on him. He had barely given her a second thought, with his head still wrapped up in yesterday morning’s revelations. “I’m still working on it and think I just wrote the same sentence three times in a row. ” Marinette’s eyes flickered to the homework, then back to him. “Stay here and stay quiet.” “You’re paranoid,” Plagg said. “I’m going to take a nap,” Plagg announced, and snuggled deeper in the folds of the bag. I have to find wherever his hideout is and…” Reason with him? When he had He had ended up rounding back to close by the school - it was dark now - and found himself once again stopped outside the Dupain-Cheng’s bakery. And then his stomach rumbled, and he took it as a sign.

EDIT 6/1: 70% done with the sequel (bc the predicted word count has increased, ha ha ha SOBS). EDIT 5/4: I am halfway done with the sequel, but progress has halted completely due to school.

I'm out in a few weeks, though, and then finishing this fic is my first priority! EDIT 3/6: Officially about a 1/4th way through the sequel. but seriously Megan's a wonderful gift, thank you so much for betaing this and providing much needed moral support.also, your gratuitous french phease for this evening is provided by "ooh la la", because Marinette uses it constantly in the french webisodes and I find it hilarious.

He sat up from bed, rubbing his eyes and taking care not to wake Plagg from his perch on his pillow (although really, the kwami could probably sleep through a bomb going off).

He pulled off his remaining sock with his opposite foot’s big toe, and stood up, feeling bizarrely lucid. Kubdel, who, following the legacy set by his children, managed to be date.

kids are not only talking to their parents about sex, they’re also benefiting from conversations they were afraid to have in the first place!