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It is recommended that an ice breaker that starts out with candy bars is not the setting in which you want to encourage your participants to complain about their bad boss or how much they dislike their job.You can diversify your approach to this ice breaker with fruit, cookies, or other items that people enjoy.

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These questions elicit positive responses from your participants.Pins are available for purchase in the Fundy Cruise Market, as well as at Barbour's General Store.Proceeds from the sale of Port Saint John collector pins go towards our Meet & Greet Program. Completed applications can be e-mailed, mailed or faxed to: Saint John Port Authority Attention: Meet & Greet Committee 111 Water Street Saint John, New Brunswick E2L 0B1 Fax #: (506) 636-4443 [email protected] you have any questions or concerns involving the Meet and Greet program please contact Jennifer Sharkey.Consequently, you'll find department members sitting together and people who have the same job sitting together.At a company or department meeting, to help attendees get to know coworkers outside of their immediate work group, this ice breaker, or any variation, works well.But, candy works best, for all but the die-hard healthy eaters. You won't go wrong using candy bars especially with popular candy bars like Snickers or Milky Way.

And again, you can simply ask people to introduce themselves at their assigned table.

Saint John has an award-winning meet and greet program, dating back to 1989 for the first visit of a cruise ship to the Port.

The meet and greet program continues to this day, with a group of 60 volunteers that meet each ship.

This year's pin features the King Edward VII Memorial Bandstand.

The King Edward VII Memorial Bandstand, with its copper roof and its filigree metal framework, was constructed in 1908 as a gift to Saint John through a donation by the City Coronet Band.

You have also either labeled the tables with the candy bar name or placed an additional candy bar on the table in advance so employees know where to sit.