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'I think the whole INXS machine was something special.But he was a great rock star poet in his own right.'Ms Rowlands and Ms O'Brien began Tuesday night by dining at Flavour of India in nearby Edgecliff where Hutchence ate his last meal.

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It did not.'It's kind of confusing because some people say they've switched the numbers around to stop weird people going into his room,' Ms O'Brien said.'But some people say they've kept the same number.'A spokeswoman for the Inter Continental said hotel management would not comment.'They weren't renting them out.''We had a good night.We ended up in Room 523.'But when the pair saw the respective doors to Rooms 523 and 524 they began to believe the theory that the numbers had been swapped.On the morning Hutchence hanged himself he had learnt that trip was doomed.Hutchence spent the night drinking and taking drugs.In the morning he spoke to Yates, former lover Michele Bennett and other close friends.

A woman in the room adjacent to Hutchence heard him on the telephone talking in a raised voice with Geldof, according to findings by New South Coroner Derrick Hand.‘A statement obtained from a Gail Coward, the occupant of the room directly next to the deceased’s room alludes to her hearing a loud male voice and expletives emitting from the deceased’s room about 5am that morning,’ Mr Hand found.‘I am satisfied that she was hearing the telephone conversation between the deceased and Geldof.’ Since the hotel has been refurbished super fans like Ms Rowlands and Ms O'Brien have tried to establish if the room in which Hutchence died was still there.

On Tuesday night, according to Ms Rowlands, both Room 524 and 525 were unoccupied.

'Both rooms 524 and 525 they had shut off last night,' she said.

The kitchen of the Edgecliff eatery, which Hutchence attended regularly from 1991, is still run by head chef Hayat Mahamud, who cooked for the rock star that night.

Hutchence dined that evening with his father Kel and stepmother Susan at the restaurant’s table seven.

Room 525 in what was previously known as the Ritz-Carlton, next to where Hutchence was found dead, was also unavailable, so the pair took Room 523.