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The British & Commonwealth Military Badge Forum The place where most badges will be readily identified, by an informed membership and illustrates cap badges of British cavalry regiments.

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However, some units had very similar cap badges which can be hard to differentiate - this example is the Royal Engineers cap badge, whose wreath-style looks like a number of other round-shaped badges when it is even slightly blurred .You can find out what the badge represents by comparing the badge against other pictured examples in standard reference books and websites such as British Military Badges or The British and Commmonwealth Badge forum Some designs relate to the function of the corps or regiment that the badge belongs to.Here on the Royal Artillery cap badge a gun is incorporated into the design.Detachable badges in metal or cloth are a key element of military uniforms.They can be worn on a cap, collar, shoulder, arm, or cuff.If a First World War cap badge in a photograph proves difficult to identify, it may belong to a unit of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

Many recent emigrants from Britain (especially Scotland) enlisted in the CEF in 1914 – some CEF battalions even wore kilts.

Studio portrait photographs had to be bought by the sitter.

It is important to remember that a photograph found in the papers or albums of a relative is not necessarily an image of that individual; many soldiers’ wallets contained photographs of friends, as well as relatives.

The purpose of the badges is to identify information about the individual quickly, in particular the rank held, so all serviceman can respond according to military rules when they meet a higher, equal or lower rank.

However, metal badges were soon found to be impractical in the trenches - it was quickly learnt that anything shiny could glint and attract enemy attention, and badges were often removed altogether.

Here are the necessary procedures to follow to obtain a new identification card: Dependents Must provide their expired ID card and one of the following: * Sponsor present * Power of Attorney * DD Form 1172, signed by the sponsor To be issued a new ID card, the current card must be within 30 days prior to the expiration date. Original DD form 1172 signed by sponsor & verified by a DEERS representative Note: DD form 1172 is only valid for 90 days Children with dual military parents are eligible for an ID cards no matter what the age.