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Miss swan dating game

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Alice persuades her to come to the Cullen household for the evening and she agrees, as long as she can ride her bike there.Once there she walks in on a half-naked Edward and stunningly beautiful Tanya who coerced (read:forced) Edward to remove his shirt.

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I opened my eyes, slightly disorientated, taking full stock of my surroundings for the first time since Jacob's voicemail message had ended.I looked away from the snow and turned my attention to Carlisle.He had sat down next to me on the bench, his black doctor's bag resting on the floor by his feet.I sensed people moving around me, thought I heard somebody arguing, then a door slam shut…"It's all right Bella, you're going to be fine," the person beside me spoke in a calm, soothing voice and they were the first words that actually got through to me.I felt my companion carefully take my hands in his own, turning them over and examining the damage."I've brought your bag, Carlisle," a softer, more feminine voice called from behind me and I supposed that another person must have joined us. Perhaps if I pretended to disappear then the world would follow suit."Thank you. I don't think he would have actually done anything to hurt Bella.I hoped he wouldn't insist on sending me to hospital; I had a long list of things I needed to do, and spending a night in emergency room was not one of them.

In fact, it was ridiculous for me to be still sitting here at all- every second I squandered here on this porch another moment of Brady's life might be slipping away… I would have to call the airport and try to get onto the next flight to Washington, preferably tonight.

As I saw it I remembered my hand and looked down to find that he had relinquished it.

I stared at the now bandaged cut in surprise; I hadn't even noticed him working on it, I had been so preoccupied by my visions."Th-thank you," I said, still surveying my hand as I turned it over. I'm sorry Carlisle, I swear I c-can come to visit you without getting blood all over the place…" I trailed off, aware that Carlisle had not laughed at my lame comment or even spoken at all.

No doubt it would be horribly expensive and use up almost all of my meagre savings, but there was no other way. I didn't know what excuse I would come up with, only that there was no way I could tell the truth. After what I had done six years ago, after the consequences my actions had had on Brady, I almost craved to be punished. For a moment, Carlisle looked as though he was deciding whether or not to speak.

I also had a feeling that my disappearance the day after I had had a public argument with my least favourite student would not go uncommented on… As far as I was concerned, my constant pain and self-hatred weren't nearly sufficient justice for my actions. After a few seconds though, he had clearly made up his mind because a determined expression crossed his face.

She speeds away in an uncharacteristic display of supreme awesomeness and leaves the astounded Cullens gaping in the parking lot.