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Most popular adult chat sites

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But it's worth observing that Porn Hub offers three specific ethnic porn categories: Asian, Ebony, Latina. So I'd appreciate it if we could keep the comments on that topic, rather than getting into the super-tired "porn is always bad!

Once this became available (through high-quality broadband streaming of webcam video) it just shot to the top of popularity; it's even more popular than the tube sites like Porn Hub and Red Tube. Almost all of the webcam girls are from eastern Europe or southeast Asia.Porn isn't the same thing as real-life person-to-person sex, but of course it is a reflection of our cultural values and beliefs around sex; our culture also shifts according to what gets mainstreamed in porn (see, eg the cumshot and the Brazilian bikini wax). I am saying it's a troubling thing when so many men prefer a "do sex for me" dynamic. Blacks and Asians also have the most porn sites devoted to them, though Latino sites are also well-represented.We also looked at searches on Porn Hub, where the most popular ethnic searches are quite different: Porn Hub features an international audience, including non-English speakers.So there are nuances here, is my point – and there are ways that men in particular consume porn and consume sex that, even if you're pro-sex-work and sex-positive and have no desire to outlaw pornography, still merit the same kind of good hard look we cast on other pieces of popular culture.The behaviour of men deserves serious scrutiny when we're talking about industries that are built largely to cater to their desires.The most searched for ethnicities, in decreasing popularity, are: (1) Indian, (2) German, (3) French, (4) Japanese, (5) Russian, (6) Black, (7) Italian, (8) Arab.

It's hard to draw conclusions from this since we don't know the geographic regions of the audience who are searching for each of these ethnicities, though a good guess is that Indian men are searching for Indian women. And feminist critiques of gender, racial and national origin dynamics in porn without being anti-porn as a whole is, unfortunately, a little lacking. Porn is not bad, but we sure as shit can judge the parts that are.

And I am certainly far from anti-pornography; if you want to get naked on your webcam/watch people get naked on their webcams, fantastic, enjoy yourself. Obviously, this isn't a one-way exploitation street – it's not just western men (or just men generally) who are consuming internet porn, and it's not just south-east Asian and eastern European women who are in porn.

I personally find the whole concept of webcam porn kind of cheesy and hilarious and I guess sort of like the pornography equivalent of a Xanga journal, or the next logical step after some hot AOL Chatroom action? But western men do account for a disproportionate amount of online porn consumption.

And that is sad, because sex where both people want to be there is great.

And pictures of naked people or naked people putting their parts in or around each other can be pretty great too.

I wonder how much of the thrill, for some men, involves the potential for exploitation – the power that comes from being able to pay a woman to do something for you, on your terms, that she might not do if she had a broader range of options. "; I've seen women trailing a few feet behind solo white dudes, the dude not even looking at her.