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Munin not updating

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Local in this instance means that the administrator has put the update files onto a CD/DVD/USB or similar device and will physically connect this media to the Xen Server needing updated.

The file can be downloaded via http or via the wget tool.While this article is going to walk through applying patches to one Xen Server, it is important to note that in the event that multiple pooled Xen Servers need updated, tools exist to allow the pool master to push the updates out to all of the other Xen Servers in the pool!Let’s begin the process of updating a single Xen Server by means of local media.Now the file ‘XS54ESP1.xsupdate‘ needs to be copied to the installation media.Once the file has been transferred to the media, connect the media to the Xen Server in need of the patch.That being said, these updates aren’t applied automatically by default and require administrator interaction. Many times patches will provide increased functionality to the virtual machines hosted on the Xen Server.

Applying these updates is typically very easy and straight forward and can be done remotely or with local media (local to the Xen Server).

This command will list all patches applied and then pipe that output into grep which will search for the string ‘sp1‘ regardless of case.

If nothing is returned, then the patch likely did not install successfully.

At this point all of the necessary commands have been run and the UUID’s determine.

Once more using the ‘xe‘ command with different arguments, Xen Server will be instructed to install the supplemental pack to this local system.

Assuming that the system didn’t throw out any errors, the USB device should now be mounted to the ‘/mnt‘ directory.