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But the day may not be so far away when ASEAN countries find China’s clout to be much bigger – and a more potent geopolitical tool in areas like the South China Sea disputes – if they do not diversify their economic ties, writes Johanna Son for the The 50 years of existence that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations marks in 2017 is no small feat.

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If you have not installed the "Jet OLE DB Provider" driver yet then go to the Microsoft Support Center to download the neccessary file.As ASEAN’s 50th year celebrations come to an end, what impact has the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC) had in pushing member states to address violence against women?How much can it do as a regional body when member states tightly guard against anything that can ‘interfere’ with domestic issues, and when ASEAN is bound by its consensus principle?The misc Validator200 is an ATL COM module, which provides methods to browse, query, and validate service records of a variety of included tariff catalogs.The design goals of the module are to help you control the quality and standards compliance of the service records you construct as well as the ability to include more tariff catalogs without invalidating the interfaces of the COM module.In this post we’ll focus on some issues related to session management, and at the end I have an announcement to make!

OWASP has a great guide on what you should test for in your session management.

Revision history Reconstitution of tariff 311 due to disagreement between the tariff partners The circular decision of the MTK Executive Board on to amend tariff 311 "Physio UV/IV/MV" towards a BAG-like version was canceled yesterday due to disagreement between the tariff partners.

As a consequence, tariff 311 "Physio UV/MV/IV" has to be restored to the old state.

The misc Validator internally uses exactly these tariffs on one of the given languages for its query and validating services.

The online documentation browser allows you to browse, view, and check the various interfaces, methods und properties of the Dll.

ASEAN’s Commission on the Protection of the Right of Women and Children is supposed to show ASEAN’s commitment to women’s empowerment.