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Nigerian sexchart

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The program will be jointly funded by the World Bank, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Population Reference Bureau and the Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund.

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So this is really a violence issue — not the same violence we deal with in Boston, where teenagers stab and shoot each other, but the violence of African men who are killing themselves, and killing African women and children, with pathological promiscuity.” — The Rev.The rationale is that in spite of billions of dollars spent annually on treatment and prevention worldwide, there were about 2.5m [million] new HIV infections in 2007, predominantly in Africa.” The blogosphere (a veritable tool for checking the public’s pulse) is awash with reactions to this “innovation.” These reactions, ranging from the condescending to the pissed-off, leave Africa in the usual place — an infant continent populated by half-wits.“If safer sex is a function of income, won’t paying people for anything, without conditions, reduce their risky behavior? Why don’t we just write the whole continent a check?“AIDS would be brought under control only if Africans restrain their sexual cravings.” — Dr.Yuichi Shiokawa, speaking at the 10th International AIDS Conference, Yokohama, August 1994.disclaimer, about us, current news, past news, staff, FAQ, why, how, misc, visual, schwag, boxes-of-shit, search MAIN page, wish list!

And if you think these are tales of bygone years, the Homo ancestralis thesis, which was propounded as recently as 1987 by John and Pat Caldwell, states that Africans are so distinct and different from Eurasians that they need a separate species classification apart from Homo sapiens, which would be Homo ancestralis — the ancestral man for whom life is about ancestors, lineage organization, descent, procreation and, by extension, sex.

Eugene Rivers, quoted in “Silence Is Death,” The Boston Review, April/May 1999.

“Sex, love and disease do not mean the same thing to Africans as they do to West Europeans [because] the notion of guilt doesn’t exist in the same way as it does in the Judeo-Christian culture of the West.” — Professor Nathan Clumeck of the Universite Libre in Brussels, quoted in Le Monde section of The Manchester Guardian Weekly, Dec. “Many men in Africa take their women in a brutal way, so that some heterosexual activity regarded as normal by them would be closer to rape by our standards and therefore be likely to cause vaginal lacerations through which the AIDS virus could gain entry into the bloodstream.” — “Reassuring News About AIDS: A Doctor Tells Why You May Not Be at Risk,” Cosmopolitan magazine, January 1988.

To compound an already complex situation, the African green monkey hypothesis also traces the origin of AIDS to Africa.

Many spirited efforts have been made to debunk the green monkey theory, but it continues to hang around like a bad smell.

Ever since journalist/adventurer Henry Stanley Morton’s account of Lord Napier’s 1868 Ethiopian campaign was published by The New York Herald, Africa has remained, in the minds of Americans, an ungovernable jungle where half-naked pygmies, polygamists and pagans roam around, negotiating their existence in the midst of exotic primitive chaos.