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WCBS-FM (101.1 FM) is a radio station in New York City, offering a Classic Hits format.Owned by Entercom, the station's studios are in the combined Entercom facility in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Manhattan, and its transmitter is located on the Empire State Building.

In the course of 1981, all of CBS's FM stations, except for WCBS-FM and their FM station in San Francisco, adopted a CHR format known as "Hot Hits".From the 1940s until the late 1950s, both stations aired a typical network-dominated general entertainment format with comedies, dramas, news and information, sports, talk shows and some music.As these types of radio shows either moved to television or were canceled outright, WCBS and WCBS-FM evolved toward a personality-oriented format featuring news and information, popular music, and sports.The AM station retained its personality-oriented Middle of the road format until August 27, 1967.WCBS-FM initially programmed a younger-leaning easy listening format known as "The Young Sound", playing soft instrumental versions of current pop music songs.This automated format was syndicated to CBS stations across the country and to AFR (American Forces Radio).

On August 27, 1967, the AM station had to launch its news format (which was not full-time until 1972) on WCBS-FM because a small airplane had crashed into the AM transmitter a few hours earlier.

In 1969, WCBS-FM launched a freeform rock format, which was becoming increasingly popular, and all other CBS-owned FM stations followed suit.

For the first time, WCBS-FM would have an airstaff.

WCBS-FM also played a moderate amount of adult standards from the rock era.

The station played two current hits per hour known as "future gold".

The countdown always took place on Thanksgiving weekend (with a new survey taken every other year.) On even years, up to 1990, the survey from the previous year was played.