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Skype has taken me places that I could only dream of visiting.

Invite guest speakers, schedule a Skype lesson or virtual field trip to inspire your students.I love reading, helping others, and connecting with people.Though I don’t have technology or electricity at home because I’m Amish, I use it daily at my school and love using it to learn about and help solve real world problems.I’ve also talked with museum curators, experts on different fields, refugees, and conservation organizations.I’ve virtually visited a refugee camp in Kenya, learned about shark adaptations, and saw artifacts from the Civil War and World War II.My heart was so happy when we found out that they received books.

Skype in the Classroom has allowed me to make a global impact from my small school in Indiana. With a horse and buggy as our transportation, travel is not something that happens very frequently.

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As we prepared for our call, our class learned that they did not have a lot of resources.

After a study of the conflict in Sudan and other countries in the region, as well as a study of the novel by Linda Sue Park, where a young boy is a refugee at Kakuma, my classmates and I were shocked to learn that in schools at the camp, teachers often teach over 50 children with only a single book.

A Skype connection last year with the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya inspired her to start a school-wide book drive for them.