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Arivale gets to know people at the deepest level by looking at their genome, their blood and saliva, gut microbiome, and lifestyle.

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Tailored to the lives of adult consumers, Capella is a pioneer in online education—a rigorous yet intimate learning community that overcomes barriers of time and place.With a tap of a button on the Booster app, Booster delivers fuel right to a customer’s car while they’re at work, all at the market price of gas, saving time without adding cost.Until recently, education hadn’t changed much since Aristotle’s time—a single teacher acting as a “sage on the stage.” But today that model is being transformed as technology becomes embedded in learning both inside and outside the classroom.That’s what we think technology for consumers ought to do. ‘We really hit it off with the full team at Maveron and were impressed with how hard they work for their companies.They also bring strong consumer DNA and a hungry, entrepreneurial mindset that we value.’ -FRANK MYCROFT, CO-FOUNDER & CEO Founded in late 2014, Booster is an innovative fuel delivery service that aims to change the way people think about how they spend their time.Whether it’s the plumber tomorrow, the dogwalker every afternoon, or guests for your backyard barbecue this weekend—August can be programmed to allow them in only when you want and even when you’re not inside.

San Francisco-based August Home is the brainchild of Jason Johnson and Yves Béhar. Yves is a master-class industrial designer of such things as the Jawbone headset; Time recently named him to its “Top 25 Design Visionaries” list.

Since Circle Up’s founding in 2012, several dozen startups have raised tens of millions of dollars.

It also partners with powerhouses such as General Mills and Procter & Gamble to help those Fortune 500 companies scout possible brand sensations of the future.

It’s another example of Maveron bringing to life an innovative company, beginning with a Seed investment and scaling to a Series A investment.

Keyless, codeless, simple, social, totally secure—that’s the August Smart Lock, an electronic door lock that lets you control access to your home through mobile apps.

Course Hero helps to make consumer-facing education a key component of Maveron’s expertise.