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In addition, it seems that that many (21 at the last count) of the steam locomotives of the CF Luanda have survived and are now rusting away at Catete not so far east of Luanda, as reported on Gavin Hamilton's site - changed 31st July 2012), some of which are necessarily Garratts, changed 31st July 2012), it's worth scrolling down this page for more information...John Middleton has sent me some notes and pictures (24th December 2008) of surviving steam locomotives on the CFB and CFL.

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Daylight hours saw 2 return trips to the shafts and a stores train (latter runs as required)."(23rd June 2015) There have been (tour group) visits to BCL, Selebi Phikwe in the last few years but no reports have come my way.Till the end 2 locos were in steam every day attending to the different shafts around BCL. the 2 stored Garratts left Selebi for Zambia and the Bushtrack venture based there on 28th September 2016" Reports on the web indicate that the operation has been eating money for some time with current metal prices and it's likely the government has decided enough is enough. 511 was scrapped after an accident and the other two have not been used for a while.Although in near serviceable condition, they were deemed 'too complicated' for the operation.Since when I believe the preservationists from Sandstone in South Africa have recovered and now steamed this delightful little Decauville (317/1901) - added 24th April 2005: A visitor (22nd April 2003) to the narrow gauge railway at Porto Amboin reports: "The rail infrastructure has disappeared, with the exception of odd lengths of rail hidden under very derelict locos, some of which even have wheels missing, in addition to any non ferrous fittings which have of course disappeared.There is considerable corrosion, not surprising really given their proximity to the coast.There are a number of videos of the Huambo collection posted by Jamie Grieve on (31st December 2008).

Jose da Palma is based in the country and has provided an update and a view of the 'new' Benguela Railway (updated 16th October 2012).

A CFB site - states that the railway (still under reconstruction) has two operational steam locomotives reserved for an eventual museum (215 and 216).

These are described as 'Garratts' but the numbers were actually carried by two Baldwin 4-8-0s!

George Shields tells me (11th October 2016) that "BCL closed on Friday 7th October 2016 paying off all its employees.

19D 5 has been taken off the working roster and plinthed at the road junction in Selebi where you turn off for the mine. Notwithstanding what is written below about BCL, there have been constant rumours of dieselisation for several years and now one tour operator suggests a tender has been issued for diesels to begin operation in October 2015, clearly steam is now living on borrowed time (10th November 2014). Many years ago, BCL purchased three 14A Garratts from Zimbabwe, 520 (809), 523 (810) and 511 (811).

Henry Posner III (added 8th July 1999) was told by the railway management at Africa Rail '99 Conference that "Benguela Railway: 12 steam locos are 'operational' and the Porto Amboim system is closed, scrapping pending." Few visitors get here these days but George Buta (24th September 2001) located a report from David M.