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The Urology Health Store offers products aimed at helping men with erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatments.Not only can these products help with ED, which typically lasts 18 months to three years after prostate cancer treatments. At the Urology Health Store, we consider erection recovery to be a dynamic process.

That means that five pairs of this comfortable, good-looking underwear is the equivalent of about 500 Depends undergarments.The ultra-absorbent fabric of this product also neutralizes odor.This comfortable, money-saving product can save you even more money when you take advantage of the quantity discounts available from the Urology Health Store.Whether helping men to keep clean and dry or aiding them in bolstering their control, these items can bring relief.At the Urology Health Store, we carry an extensive list of products designed specifically to help with male urinary incontinence.We're proud to offer the best urology and gynecology products on the market to improve women's lives everywhere.

Urinary incontinence can cause embarrassment as well as discomfort, but the Urology Health Store offers dependable, affordable products to help women control this condition.

We carry Apex M and Yarlap pelvic floor stimulators for strengthening your muscles responsible for urinary control.

Female sexual dysfunction can have a variety of causes and can manifest itself in different ways.

The Pelvic RX male pelvic training program, for instance, has been designed to improve not only bladder control but also to enhance sexual performance.

If dribbling is a problem, we offer products that can help, including the Dribblestop, which gently clamps to the penis with medical-grade foam pads to control bladder leakage.

The washable, reusable Protech Dry incontinence underwear for women, for instance, saves the environment as well as saving you money, because five pairs of these comfortable, protective undergarments are the equivalent of 500 disposable Depends undergarments.