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Over forty dating australia

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From mid-morning, Mc Arthur's fire danger index was in excess of 100 in several places in Victoria and South Australia. The flames roared up the tower of Carminow like a chimney, destroying everything, including the wonderful gardens.

The first big bushfire occurred on 25 November 1982 and was followed by large fires on 3 and 13 December 1982.An ominous sign of things to come occurred on the afternoon of 8 February, when Melbourne was enveloped by a giant dust storm.The dust cloud was over 300 metres high and 500 kilometres long and was composed of an estimated 50,000 tonnes of topsoil from the drought-ravaged Wimmera and Mallee areas of north-west Victoria.Leading a dry cool change and preceded by record temperatures, the dust storm cut visibility in Melbourne to 100 metres, creating near darkness for almost an hour.Wednesday 16 February— Ash Wednesday on the Christian calendar—dawned as another unrelentingly hot, dry day.As 1982 came to a close, large areas of eastern Australia lay devastated by a prolonged drought thought to be caused by the El Niño climatic cycle.

In many places, rainfall over winter and spring had been as little as half the previous record low and severe water restrictions were imposed in Melbourne in November.

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On 24 November, the earliest Total Fire Ban in forty years was proclaimed in Victoria.

By February 1983, summer rainfall for Victoria was up to 75% less than in previous years.

Livestock losses were very high, with over 340,000 sheep, 18,000 cattle and numerous native animals either dead or later destroyed.