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Parenting dating violence

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Their unmet psychological needs make them "vulnerable to being easily discouraged by everyday problems and turns the child away from full and satisfying participation in the world" (Garbarino and Abramowilz 1992, 42).

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2000); learn not to discuss issues with their parents (why bother if you are always wrong or ignored? Often frustrated, they distance themselves from their parents by rebelling against the latter's values and beliefs. (1994) reveals that boys in this category have the highest level of violence. Studies reveal a correlalion between parenting styles and school competence, delinquency, violence, sexual activity, antisocial behavior, alcohol and substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and self-perception. Authoritarian Parents Authoritarian parenting, also termed dictatorial or harsh, is low on warmth/nurturance, strict on discipline, high in parent-to-child communication but low in child-to-parent communication, and high on expectation. Thus their perception of how children think, and should be raised is crucial in determining children's behavior. Other factors, such as genes, peers, culture, gender, and financial status, are of lesser importance. As children obey their parents in order to avoid punishment, they become passive.

Authoritarian parents also expect a level of maturity higher than the norm for their child's particular age group: "The authoritarian parents assign the child the same responsibilities as adults" (Scarr, Weinberg, and Levine 1986, 306).

Responsiveness is low, as the approach is parent-centered and stresses the parent's needs.

This almost noninteractive style has serious developmental drawbacks (Daniel, Wassell, and Gilligan 1999).

Rules are non-nogoliable, parents are always right, and disobedient children are punished-often physically.

However, parents "do not cross the line to physical abuse" (Berger 2001, 283). 2000)."Parenting Styles/Children's Temperaments; The Mutch." Aboutourkids.

Parenting is a most challenging yet rewarding experience. 1999 National Report Series." Juvenile Justice Bulletin.[2000, May 25].